Do you have a Razer Gold gift card and want to convert that into naira? Or are you searching for how much you will get for a 100$ Razer Gold gift card? Well! You are at the right place because, in this article, I will address the question, how much is a Razer Gold gift card in Naira?

Razer Gold gift card is a virtual gift card for gamers globally. It means that it is only available electronically, not as a physical card. It is one of the most popular gift cards in Nigeria.

You can use a Razer Gold gift card to make purchases on, where you can shop for gaming peripherals, apparel, or laptops with it. Not just that, you can exchange the gift card for cash in Nigeria. Let’s find out the worth of your Razer Gold gift card in naira.

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Benefits Of Razer Gold Gift Card

Here are some of the benefits of trading the Razer gold gift card.

1. Razer Gold Gift Cards are extremely effective.

When you redeem your Razer gold gift card, you’ll get the maximum out of it. You can easily download loads of games that are ready to install and get ahead with your gaming.

2. Razer gold gift cards have no expiry date

There is no expiration date for Razer gold gift cards. You can redeem this gift card online anytime without any hassle or rush.

3. No activation or redemption fees

You will not be required to pay extra fees for redemption or activation after buying this gift card. This unique feature makes it special for most gamers.

How Much Is Razer Gold Gift Card In Nigeria

The exchange rate for a $100 USA Physical Razer gold gift card is currently NGN73,000 while the Ecode equivalent is NGN69,000. You also need to understand that the worth of a Razer Gold gift card is not constant.

The fact that remains is that Razer Gold is one of the top gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria. However, the rate is not constant. There are various factors that determine how much your Razer Gold gift card is worth. They include demand and supply, the purchase price, and the trading platform.

There is a rate calculator on the Nosh website and mobile app. You can use this rate calculator to find out the worth of your gift card before selling.

Other Razer Gold Gift Cards And Their Rates In Naira

Below is a list of other Razer Gold gift card rates in naira.

  1. Australia Razer Gold ($100) – 30, 500 naira
  2. CAD Razer Gold ($100) – 34,000 naira
  3. EUROS Razer Gold($100) – 54,500 naira
  4. Singapore Razer Gold ($100) – 30,000 naira
  5. UK Razer Gold ($100) – 54,000 naira

Razer Gold

Where To Sell Razer Gold Gift Card In Nigeria is the best gift card trading platform to sell your Razer gold gift cards in Nigeria. After knowing the worth of your Razer Gold gift card, what next? Sell your Razer Gold gift card on the Nosh platform. Asides from the high rates, Nosh offers you smooth and fast transactions, premium security against online scams, and standby customer support.

How To Sell Razer Gold Gift Card In Nigeria

Here is the step-by-step guide to sell your Razer Gold gift card:

  1. Open your browser and go to the Nosh website. The alternate step is to download the Nosh mobile app.
  2. Create an account with your email address, full name, country, and password.
  3. Login and access your dashboard.
  4. Navigate to the left corner of the page and click on “ Gift Cards
  5. Select “ Buy/Sell Gift Cards
  6. Click on “Sell GiftCards
  7. Input the required details like the name of your gift card, its subcategory, and the amount.
  8. Finally, click on Begin Trade.

FAQs About The Razer Gold Gift Card

1. Is there any expiry date for the razer gold gift card?

No, razer gold gift cards have no expiration date.

2. Where can I redeem the Razer gold gift card?

You can redeem a Razer gold card on (only in the United States). This card can not be used at any physical retail stores, including RazerStore Las Vegas and RazerStore San Francisco.

3. What is the method of using a Razer gold gift card on

At checkout, enter a 19-digit card number and PIN code under the section payment to use the Razer gift card.

4. Is it possible to reload my Razer gold gift card?

No, it is not possible to reload your Razer gold gift card.

5. Is razer gold available in physical gift cards?

No, razer cards are only available in e-codes of value up to 1000$.


Razer gold gift cards are the best choice for gamers. This article presents the worth of different Razer gift cards in naira. Also, we have discussed some benefits of this card and some frequently asked questions. So, if you have a Razer gift card, use it now and enjoy! If you still have any queries, contact us via live chat or on IG @nosh.