Steam gift cards remain one of the gift cards with the highest resale value in Nigeria. Wondering how much 50 pounds steam gift card is in Naira? No worries! This article will address how you can determine the rate of steam gift cards in real-time.

Many gift card traders in Nigeria jump on steam gift card exchange due to its high rate. There are different categories of Steam gift cards based on the country. Dollar Steam gift cards are used in the United States while Pound Steam gift cards are used in the United Kingdom. They also exist in various denominations. These are some of the factors that determine how much you get when you sell.

Steam gift cards

How Much Is 50 Pounds Steam Gift Card In Nigeria?

Currently, 50 pounds Steam gift card in Nigeria is NGN32,500. Steam gift card rates irrespective of the type or amount fluctuate. This is due to the demand and supply of the gift card market. This is why you need to check the current rate before you sell your Steam gift card.

To check the current rate for your 50 pounds Steam gift card, utilize the rate calculator on Nosh. This gift card rate calculator is available on both the Nosh website and the mobile app.

A step-by-step guide to check your Steam gift card exchange rate:

  1. Visit the Nosh rate calculator page.

  2. Select a Steam gift card in the category section.

  3. Choose the UK Steam Physical gift card in the subcategory section.

  4. Type the amount i.e 50

  5. The current rate will be displayed immediately.

Where To Buy 50 Pounds Steam Gift Card

There are several platforms where you can buy 50 Pounds Steam gift cards. Steam is the number website you can easily purchase your gift cards. However, it isn’t limited to them as there are other reputable sites offering gift cards for sale.

Before buying from any platform, carry out proper research to avoid being a scam victim. Platforms like GiftCardGranny, Giftcards, and CardCash are well-known for gift card purchases. The amount you will buy the Steam gift card differs on various platforms. To get a reasonable price, buy gift cards online on the Nosh website. The steps involved are straightforward and can be completed in 5 minutes.

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How To Convert Steam Gift Card To Naira

A step-by-step guide to converting Steam gift cards to Naira:

  1. Go to the Nosh website to sign up. Alternatively, install the mobile app and create an account.

  2. Sign in with your details.

  3. Once you access your dashboard, click on the “Sell Gift Cards” section.

  4. Pick a Steam gift card from the image slide or from the dropdown list.

  5. Select the subcategory of your gift card e.g UK Steam Ecode.

  6. Enter the amount you want to sell e.g 50

  7. Upload the picture of your Steam gift card.

  8. Click on “Begin Trade. Once successful, your account will be credited.

How To Redeem Steam Gift Card

Steam gift cards need to be redeemed before you can use them to make purchases. Follow the steps outlined below to redeem your Steam gift card.

  1. Visit the Steam gift card redemption page.

  2. Click on “Create Your Account” if that’s your first time. As a returning user, sign in with your details.

  3. Tap on your account profile.

  4. Select Account Details”

  5. Tap on “Add funds to your Steam wallet”

  6. Tap on “Redeem Steam wallet code”

  7. Type your Steam code in the required field.

  8. Your account will be credited with the fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Sell A 50 Pounds Steam Gift Card for Naira?

Yes, you can sell your 50 Pounds Steam gift card for Naira. You can sell your gift cards for cash on gift card trading platforms like Nosh.

How Much Will I Get If I Sell My 50 Pounds Steam Gift Card in Naira?

This amount is not constant due to various reasons. You can always leverage the rate calculator on Nosh to determine the current rate and how much you will get.

Are There Restrictions On Using Steam Gift Card In Nigeria?

No, there are no restrictions on using Steam gift cards in Nigeria. Ensure you are buying from a reputable platform as well as the exchange platform.


The UK Steam gift cards have the highest rates among all Steam card categories. Exchanging your 50 Pounds Steam gift card is definitely a good decision. Use the Nosh rate calculator to determine how much you will get after the trade.