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Be always updated on the current Google Play gift card exchange rates in Nigeria. Leverage our super-easy rate calculator to stay updated.

About Google Play Gift Card Rate

It is essential to understand that Google Play gift cards come in various categories and denominations. Each rate is influenced by these factors. The rate isn’t always constant but you can always be assured of juicy rates on Nosh.

Google Play Gift Card is a payment method to purchase various items listed on Google Playstore. It is a very popular gift card that can be attributed to a large number of Android users.

Google Play store houses a wide range of digital content with most free. You can use the gift card to purchase items that aren’t free. It is a very good alternative to entering your credit card details.

The items available on Playstore you can purchase with a Google Play gift card include apps, games, movies, Tv shows, music, books, and other media.

They are various kinds of Google Play gift cards in terms of form, price, and country. After purchase, it needs to be activated before it can be used to purchase any item.

The Google Play gift card holder needs to have a Google account and access to Google Playstore to be able to redeem it. You only need to navigate to the “Redeem’section in Playstore and input the code that came with the gift card.

The credit on it will reflect on your Google Play balance and can be used to make purchases.

Interestingly, Google Play gift card isn’t limited to use on Playstore. It can also be used on Google Play Music and YouTube.

How Much Can You Sell Google Play Gold Gift Card?

How Much Can You
Sell Google Play Gold Gift Card?

The current rate of Google Play gift cards in Nigeria is between -Infinity and -Infinity naira per dollar.

The monetary value you get in return for selling your Google Play gift card is dependent on the trading platform. You also get different returns depending on the denomination of the gift card. The list below specifies the different rates for each Google Play gift card name. You can also use the rate calculator to check the current rate for your Google Play gift card.

Gift Card Name
Rate [NGN]
Rate [CEDIS]
Rate [USD]

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How to use Nosh

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