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Find out how much you can sell American Express gift cards in Nigeria by using our convenient rate calculator to check rates at any time.

About AMEX Gift Card Rate

Do you have an unwanted American Express gift card, and you would want to know how much you can get when you sell it? We have created this page to inform you about the highest rates you can sell AMEX gift cards in Nigeria. Due to the high demand for the asset, AMEX gift cards are among Nigeria's most profitable gift cards. And you can be rest assured to get the best rates on your AMEX gift cards on NOSH.

American Express gift cards are accessible in different denominations like $25, $50, $100, $200, and $500. In general, AMEX Gold (starting with 3779) has the best rates under the Amex gift card sub-category compared to others that start with other digits, e.g. 3777. However, before you begin to trade, you must ensure there is still a balance on the card, or the transaction will be rejected. By using the AMEX website, you can quickly find out the balance of your AMEX gift card.

Amex gift cards are distinctive. Unlike most other gift cards, they are not linked to a specific brand. They can be used to pay for anything at any business that accepts American Express. Furthermore, a prepaid payment card with the American Express logo is used as a gift or incentive.

How Much Can You Sell AMEX Card In Nigeria?

How Much Can You
Sell AMEX Card In Nigeria?

Currently, the rate of AMEX gift cards in Nigeria is between -Infinity and -Infinity naira per dollar.

As noted earlier, the AMEX Gold gift card (3779) has the highest rates under the American Express gift card sub-category. However, it is important to note that rates are subject to change at any time, and it is important to check the current rate using the AMEX rate calculator below the page. However, check the list below for the rates of all AMEX gift card sub-categories in naira, cedis and USD.

Gift Card Name
Rate [NGN]
Rate [CEDIS]
Rate [USD]

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