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With NOSH virtual cards, you can easily make purchases on platforms that accept mastercard dollar cards, it's that easy.

Seamless Payment

Our virtual dollar card will enable you to make international transactions easily.

Convenient To Use

No stress is involved in creating or using your virtual dollar card.

No Hidden Fee

All transactions done with the virtual dollar card are transparent.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Whether you need to make transactions on a mobile app or website, you can effectively use our dollar card.

You + NOSH = A Great Life

Nosh is a Fintech product that offers easy and quick transactions for anyone. Forget about the constantly changing exchange rates. Get a free Nosh virtual dollar card and make your life easier.

With our virtual dollar card, enjoy a seamless and convenient way to make online international payments.

NOSH for Virtual Dollar Card

NOSH for Virtual Bank

Carry out international transactions in dollars online with our virtual dollar card. You don’t need to be worried about paying for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Apple subscriptions, and others.

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a Nosh Virtual Dollar Card?

The Nosh Virtual Dollar Card is a non-physical dollar card created on our platform. You can easily fund it and use it to make online payments.

Where Can I Use my Nosh Dollar Card?

The virtual dollar card can be used to make only ONLINE payments, wherever mastercard is acceptable.

Do I  Need my Virtual Card Activation Before Use?

No, that is not needed. You can start using your card after funding it.

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