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Our suitable rate calculator will help you get to know how much you can sell Amazon gift cards in Nigeria. You can comfortably use the calculator anytime any day.

About Amazon Gift Card Rate

Amazon Gift Card rate is determined by the type of gift card, the demand for it, and the platform you plan to sell it. The USA Amazon cash receipt has always been the one with the highest rate.

Amazon Gift Card was launched by the largest e-commerce in the world - Amazon. They do come with a certain amount of money which can be used to shop for items at the store.

There are 3 different types of Amazon gift cards which are physical cards, e-gift cards, and print-at-home. The Amazon physical gift card can be purchased at physical retail stores or online. The E-gift card when purchased is sent to the buyer via mail or sms.

Print-at-home cards are ideal if you intend to share them at an event. It will be sent as a link via mail which recipients can print from. The other types include customized gift cards, reloadable gift cards, and corporate gift cards.

When purchased, they can be redeemed on Amazon to purchase a variety of items like electronics, clothing, bedding, kitchen utensils, and many more. The gift card isn’t limited to Amazon products alone, it can be used for any item uploaded on the platform by any seller.

The funds on an Amazon gift card never expire until you are ready to use it. Your Amazon gift card balance cannot be shared with anyone or used to buy other gift cards.

How Much Can You Sell Amazon Gift Card?

How Much Can You
Sell Amazon Gift Card?

At the moment, the highest rate for Amazon gift cards in Nigeria is -Infinity naira per dollar while the lowest rate is -Infinity naira per dollar.

Amazon gift cards come in various denominations and countries. The value differs depending on the kind of Amazon gift card you want to sell. What is certain is that you will always get the best rate for your gift cards on Nosh. To get acquainted with the various Amazon gift card rates, check the list below or use the gift card rate calculator.

Gift Card Name
Rate [NGN]
Rate [CEDIS]
Rate [USD]

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