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Pay for your Dstv, GoTv, and Startimes subscription. With Nosh, paying your TV bills comes with no headache.

Swift and Easy Payment

It’s super easy to pay for your TV subscription on our platform. Payment is swift and you get to enjoy your favorite shows.

Stress Free

No stress when it comes to using Nosh to pay for your cable subscriptions, First, you save the effort of walking down to a store to make your payment. From the comfort of your home, you can renew your TV anytime.

24/7 Service Available

You can make your TV subscription payment at any time on any day. Our service is readily available for you.

Various Options

Nosh got you covered for all subscriptions including GoTv, Dstv, and StarTimes.

NOSH For Cable TV Bills

More than ever,  paying for a cable tv subscription is now a piece of cake. With Nosh, you can easily manage and pay for your subscription online without having to visit a physical store. Your favorite shows and movies are within your reach with our 24/7 subscription service.

How To Pay For Your Cable TV Subscription In Nigeria

01Go to Playstore or Appstore to download the Nosh app or use the website.
02Create an account os log in.
03Fund your NOSH wallet with your virtual bank account.
04The word “Refill” will be found on the first screen. Tap on “Bills” which is located below it.
05Click on the Cable | TV Bills button.
06Click on the drop-down list and select your cable provider.
07Select your preferred cable plan. The amount it will cost you will be displayed.
08Enter your phone number.
09Enter your Device Number.
10Tap on the Purchase button.
11Voila! Your TV subscription has been renewed!

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a cable TV subscription?

A cable TV subscription is a paid service that allows you to access a range of television channels, including local and international news, sports, entertainment, and movies. Cable TV providers in Nigeria include DSTV, GoTV and so on.

How do I pay for a cable TV subscription in Nigeria?

There are several ways to pay for a cable TV subscription in Nigeria, but the best way is on

What information do I need to pay for a cable TV subscription?

To pay for a cable TV subscription, you need to have the account number associated with your subscription and the amount you want to pay. In some cases, you only have to select your preferred plan instead of entering the amount.

What is the cost of a cable TV subscription in Nigeria?

The cost of a cable TV subscription in Nigeria varies depending on the cable TV provider and the package you choose.

What happens if I don't pay my cable TV subscription on time?

If you don't pay your cable TV subscription on time, your service may be suspended until you make a payment.

Can I pay for someone else's cable TV subscription?

Yes, you can pay for someone else's cable TV subscription by entering their account number instead.

What should I consider when choosing a cable TV provider and package?

When choosing a cable TV provider and package, you should consider the channels you want to access, the quality of the service, the cost of the package, and the availability of customer support. Be sure to choose a provider and package that best suits your needs and budget

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