8 Most Popular Types of Gift Cards in Australia

Do you also feel like Australia is far from the rest of the world? Well, I guess that would depend on the country you’re reading this post from. If you’re reading from the country I’m writing from, which is Nigeria, I’m pretty sure your answer would be yes. 

I’ve heard of people who don’t consider migrating to Australia because they feel it is ‘too far’. For them, Australia is not an option. Well, taking into consideration the total flight hours it takes to get there from Nigeria, I wouldn’t blame them. 

Truly, Australia may be far but it doesn’t stop people from travelling there. People are travelling from all over the world to Australia. Some go there to visit, some go to study, while others permanently relocate there. 

What happens if you find yourself in Australia and need to get gift cards? Or if your loved ones go there and you want to gift them? What better gift to give them than gift cards? This article talks about the top 8 most popular gift cards in Australia and where to buy them. 

Let’s get into it!

Top 8 Gift Card Types in Australia

Australia might be far from the rest of the world but it doesn’t stop the country from having a booming gift card market. Australians, like many others around the world, express their care and gratitude through gift-giving. 

Gift cards have gained popularity as a convenient option for both those giving and receiving. Thanks to their availability, gift cards are readily accessible in Australia. They provide a variety of choices to cater to various preferences and interests. 

Below are 8 of the most popular types of gift cards in Australia:

  1. Amazon gift card
  2. Steam gift card
  3. Oodie gift card
  4. Visa gift card
  5. Google Play gift card
  6. Apple gift card
  7. Bonds gift card
  8. Netflix gift card

1. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card in Australia

Amazon gift cards are one of the most popular gift cards in Australia. This is because they are incredibly versatile and give the holder access to online shopping for a variety of items. Whether it’s electronics, kitchen appliances, books, toys, or clothing, Amazon has it all. 

These gift cards let the recipient choose something they genuinely want, providing the flexibility of selecting their own items. Who wouldn’t like that?

Amazon gift cards are available in various denominations depending on the type. Digital Amazon gift cards are available in amounts from $5 to $500. On the other hand, physical cards, ranging from $25 to $500, are available at various retail outlets.

2. Steam Gift Card

Steam Gift Card in Australia

Steam gift cards fall under the gaming category of gift cards and are also available in Australia. Ideal for PC gaming enthusiasts, Steam gift cards offer credits to spend on Steam’s extensive online game marketplace. 

With thousands of game titles, Steam gift cards let gamers shop for new releases and take advantage of discounts. Physical Steam gift cards are commonly available at electronics retailers in denominations such as $20, $30, $50, and $100. Also, you can buy Steam eGift cards on platforms like Nosh. 

3. Oodie Gift Card

The Oodie is a popular company in Australia, known for comfortable jumpers, blankets, and sleepwear. Their items come in various sizes, suitable for both adults and kids, and Oodie gift cards give access to these items. These gift cards make excellent gifts, especially during the cold seasons. 

Oodie gift cards, ranging from $25 to $500, can be purchased in any denomination and sent to your loved one via email, making them a thoughtful and cosy gift option.

4. Visa Gift Card

Visa Gift Cards in Australia

When you’re unsure of what gift card to get in Australia, Visa gift cards always provide a fail-safe option. These cards work anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, offering maximum flexibility for online and in-store purchases. 

Recipients can use Visa gift cards to shop at any brand, pay for services, make bookings, pay bills, and more. The possibilities of what you can do with your Visa gift card are endless because it functions just like a credit/debit card. This makes them universally useful.

5. Apple Gift Card

Apple gift card in Australia

Perfect for Apple device users in Australia, Apple gift cards unlock a world of apps, games, music, movies, and more. The gift card allows Apple enthusiasts to make the most of their devices, providing access to millions of options within the Apple ecosystem. 

These gift cards are available in both digital and physical forms. The digital gift cards offer instant delivery in any denomination while the physical ones typically range from $10 to $200.

6. Google Play Gift Card

Google Play gift card in Australia

Google Play gift card is similar to the Apple gift card, but tailored for Android users. They allow access to apps, games, movies, books, subscriptions, and more on Google Play. 

Google Play gift cards are available in Australia in amounts from $15 to $500. These gift cards allow Android users to fully explore and utilize Google’s ecosystem on their devices.

7. Bonds Gift Card

Bonds is a well-known clothing brand in Australia that offers stylish apparel for men, women, and children. With a Bonds gift card, you can buy any of the items available for sale at Bonds. 

A Bonds gift card is suitable for any occasion and is available in denominations from $10 to $500. These gift cards provide the flexibility for recipients to choose from a variety of clothing options.

8. Netflix Gift Card

We are in a time and age where a lot of people relax by streaming movies and shows. This makes Netflix gift cards popular in Australia since they provide access to a vast library of shows, movies, documentaries, and more. 

These cards come preloaded with a specific amount that recipients can redeem towards any Netflix subscription plan. Digital Netflix gift cards for instant delivery can be purchased online, while physical cards are available at various retailers.

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards in Australia?

Where to Buy Gift Cards in Australia

If you find yourself in Australia, there are many places where you can buy gift cards. You can easily find gift cards at supermarkets like Woolworths, Coles, and Aldi. These stores offer a diverse range of gift cards and you can easily get them while grocery shopping. 

Additionally, you can buy gift cards from department stores like Myer and David Jones or speciality stores dedicated to just selling gift cards like Gift Card Store

Also, for those who enjoy the convenience of online shopping, platforms like Amazon and eBay have become popular choices to purchase gift cards in Australia. These online marketplaces offer a broad selection of gift cards to choose from. 

Where to Buy Australian Gift Cards in Nigeria

Nosh is a gift card trading platform that makes it easy and safe for you to buy Australian gift cards online in Nigeria. 

Using Nosh, you can explore and buy eGift cards from top Australian brands, in any amount and quantity that you want, all without being in Australia. 

The essence of gift card trading platforms like this is to bridge that geographical gap. These platforms provide a convenient way for those in Nigeria to access gift cards from other countries without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards in Australia

1. Are gift cards available in Australia?

Certainly, you can find gift cards easily throughout Australia, whether at supermarkets, department stores, electronics retailers, or various other outlets. 

2. What types of gift cards are available in Australia?

There are different types of gift cards in Australia ranging from dining gift cards and retail gift cards to entertainment and sport gift cards. Some popular gift cards in Australia include Apple gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards and Bonds gift cards, to mention a few. 

3. What is the best gift card in Australia?

There is no right or wrong answer to the best gift card in Australia. The ideal gift card varies from person to person based on their preferences, needs, and what the gift card gives access to. 

Many individuals prefer gift cards like Visa and Amazon because they offer access to a wide range of goods. Their versatility adds significant value, making them favourites for many.

4. Can I convert my Australian gift card to Naira?

Yes, if you have an unused Australian gift card, you can convert it to Naira. You can do this by selling your gift card on the Nosh app. Once your gift card is sold, you will be credited with the Naira equivalent instantly. 


Gift cards are popular in Australia just as they are in other parts of the world. You can buy them from supermarkets, department stores, speciality stores and online retailers. Additionally, you can buy an Australian gift card from anywhere you are, including Nigeria, using gift card platforms like Nosh. 

Since there are many types of gift cards, you may be unsure of which one to buy yourself or gift a loved one in Australia. Amazon, Steam, Oodie, Visa, Google Play, Apple, Bonds and Netflix gift cards are some great options you can choose from. 

Now, the next time you need to get an Australian gift card, you have an idea of what to get. You’re welcome!




When Ife isn't reading or writing content, she's laughing at a tweet or burning her data on Netflix. Working hard and playing hard. 😉

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