How to Pay for Netflix Subscriptions Using Netflix Gift Cards

Have you ever considered using a Netflix gift card as payment to subscribe to Netflix? In this article, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to use Netflix gift cards as payment methods for future streaming sessions. As someone with an interest in movies, dramas and reality shows, having a Netflix subscription is almost like second nature.

The vast majority are aware that on the Netflix platform subscribing and paying each month is necessary to remain on the platform, but not everyone realizes just why these specific gift cards can be so advantageous. Furthermore, do you know that one of the advantages of Netflix gift cards is that they never expire? Netflix users can pre-load their balance and take care of several months’ subscription payments without any concern about additional costs or expiring credits.

Netflix gift cards can only be used or redeemed through online methods, either via the Netflix app or the Netflix website. Different values or denominations of the Netflix gift card exist; options ranging from $25 to the highest $200 are available for purchase. You can buy your Netflix gift card available from retailers such as the Nosh App and several others.

How to use a Netflix gift card to pay for your Netflix subscription plan

Obtaining Netflix gift cards is a great way for individuals to pay for subscriptions effortlessly while enjoying all their favourite shows and movies. These unique vouchers can be applied to both new and existing memberships.

There are several retail outlets where you can buy Netflix gift cards, or you can buy them online and have them delivered straight to your inbox.

Here is how using a Netflix gift card works:

  1. Visit the Netflix website to redeem your gift card.
  2. Or you can first log in or sign up on Netflix
  3. Locate your image (profile) at the top right corner and select “Account” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Proceed by clicking on “Redeem Gift Card or Promo Code”.
  5. Enter the 11-digit PIN code into the “Code or Pin” box.
  6. Once entered, hit the “Redeem” button and the funds will be applied to your account.

Netflix account page

Note: If you have a physical gift card, gently scratch off the foil on the back to reveal the PIN code. Meanwhile, if it is a digital gift card, you will see your code in your email inbox or on the platform where you purchased the gift card. Also note that if you are eligible for a free one-month trial, these funds will be applied after that trial ends.

Netflix Plans and Pricing

If you are considering subscribing to Netflix, here are the four different subscription plans available that are tailored according to individual tastes and budgets.

Mobile Plan

This is the lowest plan and will cost you only N1,200 per month. It grants unlimited access to movies and it allows download permission on one device concurrently. You’ll be able only to stream your content once at any given time using either your phone or tablet.

The Basic Plan

This plan comes up next and is priced at N2,900 per month. You can seamlessly download your favourite movies or shows across more devices than the mobile plan while also making it possible to watch in high-definition resolution anywhere via phone, tablet or laptop streaming devices.

The Standard Plan

This plan is worth N3,600 monthly. It delivers not only movies but expands its range into games and series debuts all in spectacular HD definition. Validated users will have simultaneous download capabilities on two devices while concurrently streaming their favourite shows across phones, tablets or supported devices.

Premium Plan

Finally, movie enthusiasts who just want premium access only will find their solution in an affordable N4,400 per month package giving them unrestricted access to all content presented by Netflix in the ultra HD format along with Netflix spatial audio features activated.

With the Premium Plan, subscribers can download on as many as six supported devices whilst simultaneously streaming on 4 other supported devices including phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, Blu-ray players and streaming video players.


Frequently Asked Questions About Netflix Subscription

Can I use multiple Netflix Gift Cards for my subscription?

Yes, all cards can still come to full good use. After redeeming each card separately their cash values will straightaway be added to your account balance. Then, for each future billing cycle on your subscription plan ahead, they get debited automatically until there is no more card balance left.

Can I use a Netflix Gift Card if I already have an active subscription?

Yes, once you or someone else redeems the gift card on your behalf, the value amount essentially becomes credit value and gets automatically applied to the general user account’s balance which effectively extends the current membership validity period by that same amount.

What happens if the balance on my Netflix Gift Card is not enough to cover my subscription?

A circumstance can unfortunately arise where some additional funds are required maybe because your gift card balance falls short of covering everything. Whatever it can be, there are secondary sources of payment that exist whereby any outstanding amount related to this sort of issue can be settled including possible extra costs incurred when due.

Can I transfer the balance from one Netflix account to another?

No. It is important to remember that any Netflix gift card balance credited into an individual’s account will become tied directly to that present membership package and user profile. This means its use becomes completely non-transferable and cannot in any way be migrated or shifted from one profile to another different one.

Can I Sell my Netflix gift card for cash in Nigeria?

When receiving presents like Netflix gift cards and you feel you have no use for them, instead of keeping them inactive, think about selling the gift cards for cash on platforms like the Nosh App. Why not take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to reduce clutter and get additional money by selling old or unneeded items? Let’s make sure that nothing beneficial is overlooked or underutilised!


If you’re an avid streamer on Netflix looking for an easy way to pay without worrying about recurring fees consider using their gift card option. These gift cards never expire; which means no interruptions in viewing time due to forgotten payments. Simply head over to the official website and follow the instructions in this article on how to redeem your gift card; from there choose between Mobile, Basic Standard or Premium plan options according to what suits your individual requirements or budget. You’ll be able to indulge in unlimited entertainment (including games too). So get comfortable with some snacks at hand before diving into long hours of binge-watching and viewing pleasure.



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