All You Need To Know About Gift Card Activation

With most businesses having online shops nowadays, gift cards have become an increasingly popular choice over cash when it comes to shopping at particular stores or using certain online platforms. In this article, I will be sharing with you the ways by which you can activate your gift card, methods, step-by-step processes on how to activate your gift card and much more information.

Banks, credit companies and retailers regularly produce these vouchers with custom monetary values depending on both the issuer’s capacity and the preferences of those buying them. Furthermore, they are often given as special gifts during special occasions such as birthdays, valentines, anniversaries, new year, and Christmas, just a few examples. Gift cards provide extra choices on what someone really wishes but does not want to go beyond a specific budget. 

Gift card activation is a fundamental but simple process after buying your gift card. Same as every other card, they need to go through the activation process before use. By doing this, both the user and the issuer can ensure security, efficient use and detailed information about the gift card such as tracking the balance left and resolving any future issues.

Gift cards

How to Activate Your Gift Card

There are three major ways to activate your gift card: in-store activation, online activation and through phone calls. In-store activation is a process whereby you get a customer-assisted approach when you go to a physical store.

And getting it done by phone call doesn’t require you to go to the store, you can simply call the customer support phone number on the back of the card to get your gift card activated. Whereas, online activation is a means of activating your gift card via dedicated websites or via available mobile applications. Below is the step-by-step guide for each of the ways to activate your gift card:

In-store activation:

  1. Once purchased, take your gift cards straight to any one of the cashiers at the counter.
  2. They will load the card right away and activate it
  3. To avoid any doubts regarding the activation, just ask, the cashiers are always willing to clarify.
  4. Finally, if you desire a receipt, also ask, the cashiers will be happy to provide it.

Activation through phone call:

  1. Call the customer support line as seen on the gift card. It is a toll-free number
  2. The customer care agent will want your card ID number, activation code, and PIN code.
  3. The card has the activation code included, in addition to the 16-digit ID number.
  4. On the back of the card, probably behind a scratch-off sticker (be careful not to scratch too hard), is the four-digit PIN. Don’t panic if you can’t discover the PIN; not all gift cards have one.
  5. Save or keep in mind the ID number and PIN since they are required to check the card’s balance.

Online activation:

  1. Take note of a small white sticker affixed to the front of your new card. It has the website URL that will take you to the activation page
  2. Go to your browser, and input the URL as seen on the card.
  3. Enter the required card details asked for on the website.
  4. Check the “I am not a robot” verification
  5. Then, hit “Activate Gift Card”.

Gift card activation

After successful activation, you can utilise a gift card in a variety of ways, including shopping for whatever item best meets your tastes and redeeming it at physical or online stores. Because too many gift cards are thrown away every year, we should be responsible when buying them and ensure optimum usage without waste.

Why Do Gift Cards Need Activation?

Gift cards must be properly activated before their first use can be made to be redeemed successfully, although, this process is typically completed automatically by retailers at the time of purchase. There are some situations where failure to complete this step will hinder progress later through online or in-store transactions.

One way to ensure smooth usage of your gift card is by verifying whether or not it requires activation beforehand. If you have a physical gift card, look out for stickers placed on them indicating that they should be activated and providing valuable instruction on what steps to take next.

In contrast, digital cards typically require an email receipt of an activation link upon purchase confirmation online. Gift card activation serves as a safeguard against fraudulent activities such as unauthorized transactions; thus activating one’s card adds additional protection where necessary, especially crucial when storing sensitive data such as personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Trade My Gift Card After Activation?

Yes. If redeeming or buying products with your favourite brand doesn’t really appeal to you, don’t worry! Trading is really one more choice. If the gift card was given to you as a present, and you are unclear about what to do with it, selling it for cash on a reliable site could be a fantastic backup plan if done properly.

What Happens If I Don’t Activate Your Gift Card?

Using inactive gift cards for payment isn’t feasible since they aren’t fully operational until activated. Hence if you do attempt to make a purchase using such cards it will be declined. Typically. Before utilizing a gift card for its intended purpose one must activate it beforehand.

Can I Check My Gift Card Balance?

Yes, you have every right to check your gift card’s balance before making any purchases. To know the remaining credit you must provide its unique ID number along with the PIN code or security information placed behind it.

What if My Gift Card Arrived via Mail?

If you ordered a plastic gift card via the website and got it in the mail, you can still activate it in person. Look for the store that issued the gift card and find their location in your area. Go to the cashier and have them swipe the card. They’ll also answer any questions you may have about the terms and conditions.

Do gift cards have expiration dates?

The expiration date of a gift card is determined by the policies of the store or issuer. in a few places. To safeguard consumers, laws regulating expiration dates have been put in place. Despite this, it is important to note that there are regional variations in the laws governing gift certificate date limits.


A gift card must be activated correctly to provide optimal security and convenience while using them. This importance cannot be overstated. Activating gift cards before use has become essential as a result of the increased use of gift cards and the rise of online buying since these practices efficiently manage balances, uphold lawful transactions, and reduce fraud. Gift cards can provide us flexibility in our decisions and provide us with unfettered value if they are handled well.



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