Top Of The 10 Most Popular Types Of Gift Cards In Spain

Are you in Spain or will you be going there soon? Do you have a loved one in Spain, or going to Spain soon whom you’re looking to gift? Well, getting a Spain gift card might just be a great move for you, or them.

There are different types of gift cards available in Spain so you might be unsure of which ones to get. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most popular gift cards that folks in Spain can’t seem to get enough of. This way you can easily decide on the perfect gift card for you or your loved one. Continue reading this article to learn more about these gift cards.

10 Most Popular Spanish Gift Cards

Most popular types of gift cards in Spain

Just like with gift cards anywhere in the world, there are General and store-specific gift cards you can choose from in Spain.

Getting general/open-looped gift cards has never been a bad option, but you can decide to get specific gift cards tailored to your interest or the recipient’s interest. That’s why it’s important for you to know more about the popular Spanish gift cards before getting any of them.

Before getting into details, below is a list of 10 of the most popular gift cards in Spain:

  1. iTunes Gift Card
  2. El Corte Inglés Gift Card
  3. Steam ES Gift Card
  4. Amazon Spain Gift Card
  5. Decathlon Gift Card
  6. Cepsa Gift Card
  7. FNAC Gift Card
  8. Carrefour Gift Card
  9. Google Play Spain Gift Card
  10. Netflix Spain Gift Card

1. iTunes Spain Gift Card

iTunes Spain gift card
If you or the recipient use an iPhone or any Apple device such as an iPad or MacBook, then an iTunes Gift Card will be a great option. This gift card gives you access to music, apps, audiobooks and much more digital content from the iTunes Store.

The iTunes gift card goes beyond just using it for music which is one of its most common use cases. With an iTunes gift card, you can pay for an Apple TV subscription, giving you access to a wholesome entertainment experience.

You can easily redeem iTunes gift cards on the iTunes Store, App Store, and Apple Music, and even use it for iCloud storage subscriptions. If you don’t want to pay for services you can also sell your iTunes gift card on Nosh for instant cash.

2. El Corte Inglés Gift Card

El Corte Inglés is Spain’s leading department store chain. They have branches in major cities across Spain. This store offers a wide range of products from fashion to electronics, and more. Think of it like the Walmart of the United States.

An El Corte Inglés gift card will be an amazing option for someone who appreciates a vast shopping selection and is eager to explore what Spain’s largest department store has to offer. Once you have an El Corte Inglés gift card, you can use it anywhere in the county, and the amazing part is it doesn’t expire!

The gift card is available in different denominations, so you can pick the one that matches your budget. You can also top up the gift card with more money anytime. Whether you or your loved one is looking for affordable home appliances, trendy clothing, or statement jewellery, the cost can always be covered with your El Corte Inglés gift card.

3. Steam ES Gift Card

If you or the person you intend to get a Spanish gift card for is a gamer or game enthusiast, then you’ll love this. Steam is a popular gaming platform and the Steam ES Gift Card allows gamers to purchase games, software, and in-game items anywhere.

Steam ES gift cards give you the chance to top up your Steam wallet and make purchases on the platform. You can also gift games to friends, family members or other gamers. Recipients can use the gift card to purchase software, games, and other digital content on the Steam platform.

You can get the physical Steam gift card from any store around you or buy the eGift card on Nosh and have it delivered to your email inbox within minutes. 

4. Amazon Spain Gift Card

Amazon Spain gift card

Another popular gift card option in Spain, whether for shopping or gifting, is Amazon gift cards. Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces on the internet, and they have a lot of variety to offer. You can get personal items, clothing, books, home appliances, jewellery and so much more on Amazon.

With an Amazon Spain gift card, you can easily pay for items in your cart without having to go through traditional payment methods. These gift cards are also available in various denominations, meaning you can always get one to suit your budget.

You can redeem your Amazon Spain gift card on the Amazon Spain website for everything from electronics to books and more. If you enjoy the convenience of online shopping and doorstep delivery, then this one’s for you.

5. Decathlon Gift Card

The Decathlon gift card is a perfect option for people interested in sports and fitness. If you have an active lifestyle and find yourself in Spain, you definitely should treat yourself to a Decathlon gift card.

Decathlon specializes in sports equipment and apparel, making this gift card a treat for Decathlon specializes in sports equipment and apparel, making this gift card a treat for sports enthusiasts. This gift card can be redeemed at Decathlon stores to purchase sports gear, equipment, clothing, and accessories.

6. Cepsa Gift Card

Cepsa Gift Card
If you or the recipient will be spending quite some time in Spain and renting a car while at it, a Cepsa gift card will come in handy. It will even be more appreciated if the recipient is a resident of Spain and drives a car.

Cepsa is a major petroleum company in Spain. Their gift card is primarily for fuel purchases and services at Cepsa gas stations. The Cepsa gift card is accepted at Cepsa gas stations across Spain. It offers you a convenient way to pay for fuel and car-related services.

You can get Cepsa gift cards at Cepsa gas stations in Spain. Also, businesses can buy Cepsa gift cards at their chosen amount between €10 and €500.

7. FNAC Gift Card

The FNAC gift card is a popular choice for gifting in Spain. With it, you can purchase your preferred items from FNAC’s diverse range of electronics, books, music, and more, either in-store or online.

It’s the perfect choice for avid shoppers or travellers as it makes it a convenient travel companion. That’s because it can be used for booking flights, hotels, car rentals, and insurance.

Moreover, FNAC’s website provides location-specific discounts for various Spanish destinations, such as Madrid, offering savings on restaurants, museums, and transportation. So if you know exactly where you will be travelling to or where the recipient will be in Spain, you can take advantage of the discounts.

When it comes to gift cards in Spain, FNAC has something to suit everyone’s preferences and needs. You can buy this gift card online or in-store, and also top it up whenever you like.

8. Carrefour Gift Card

Carrefour is a popular supermarket chain in Spain that caters to the everyday shopping needs of families and individuals. Thanks to the popularity of Carrefour, Carrefour gift cards are also in popular demand and use in Spain.

Carrefour gift cards can be used for grocery shopping and other retail items. This gift card is accepted at Carrefour stores all over Spain and offers flexibility in purchasing groceries, electronics, and more. With a Carrefour gift card, you can walk into any Carrefour store, pick up your items and pay with your gift card.

This gift card option is great for families and individuals who visit Carrefour for their day-to-day shopping needs. Furthermore, with Bitrefill’s Carrefour gift card, you can pay for items with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

9. Google Play Spain Gift Card

The Google Play gift card is another popular prepaid gift card that allows users to pay for digital content on the Google Play Store. This gift card is tailored for Android users, and it gives them the chance to buy apps, games, movies, and more on Google Play.

Luckily for you, Google Play Gift Cards are supported in Spain and have become one of the most popular gift cards in Spain. You can use the gift card to top up your Google Play balance and then use the balance to purchase thousands of books, songs, movies, apps, magazines, and more on the Google Play store.

These gift cards are a convenient and flexible payment method for Android users who enjoy surfing the digital world.

10. Netflix Spain Gift Card

Netflix Spain gift card
If you love watching TV shows and movies for entertainment, then a Netflix Spain gift card is just perfect. Netflix is a popular streaming service and the Netflix Spain Gift Card grants you access to a vast library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries.

Whether it’s binge-watching your favourite series or discovering new films, this gift card offers flexibility and choice. Plus, it doesn’t require a credit card, making it convenient for all.

Redeeming the Netflix gift card is a breeze, you just have to enter the unique code, and you’re ready to start streaming. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys top-notch entertainment without the hassle of paying monthly subscriptions.

Does Spain Have Gift Cards?

Certainly yes, Spain has gift cards. In Spain, there is a wide array of gift cards available from diverse sources, including retailers, restaurants, online platforms, gas stations and more. People like these gift cards because they give individuals the chance to pick their own gifts or enjoy a specific service.

There are both physical gift cards and electronic gift cards available for sale and use in Spain.

Where Can I Buy Gift Cards in Spain?

Getting a gift card in Spain is no different than getting it anywhere else in the world. For physical gift cards, you can always head over to the retailer to get as many as you want. You can also visit their website to make a purchase online and have it delivered to you.

EGift cards are also not left out of the equation. You can get an eGift card from the retailer’s website if available, or easily get it from trusted third-party retailers like Nosh. With Nosh, your Spain gift card will be delivered to your email in minutes, no matter where in the world you are purchasing it from.

Sell Your Spain Gift Cards for Naira

Nosh provides an easy-to-use platform and a seamless experience for you to redeem your Spain gift cards for Naira. It’s possible you find yourself with an unused Spanish gift card or get gifted a Spanish gift card that you don’t need. In such cases, you shouldn’t let the gift card go to waste when you can use it to get cash.

You get the best rates to sell your gift card on Nosh, so you can get the most value out of it. Selling your Spain gift cards for naira is a breeze when you’re doing it on the Nosh app. In a few simple taps you’ll be done with the process and you’ll have your phone buzzing with your credit alert.

Download the Nosh app from your respective App Store now and get selling!


The popular gift cards in Spain offer something for everyone. Whether you enjoy shopping, gaming, entertainment or are a fitness enthusiast, there’s something for you. These gift cards provide the perfect choice for thoughtful and versatile gifting.

So, next time you’re searching for the perfect gift in Spain, consider one of these popular gift cards. They’re not just pieces of plastic or electronic codes; they’re tokens of thoughtfulness and freedom that can bring a smile to anyone’s face.



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