Netflix VS Prime Video: Which Is Better And How To Pay With Gift Cards?

The world of digital entertainment has evolved at lightning speed over recent years with streaming services becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offer unparalleled convenience with their vast range of content options binge watch worthy shows and on-demand viewing capabilities.

With so much competition in this space today deciding between these services can be tricky. In this article, we will closely examine two popular streaming platforms – Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video – comparing them across various parameters such as pricing, features, user experience and most importantly content offerings so that by when you are done reading it becomes easy to decide which service is best suited for your preferences.

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Brief Insight Into Netflix And Prime Video

There is none bigger than Netflix when it comes to on-demand streaming entertainment services. It is by far the most popular service in its niche around the world. As the market for these services develops, new rivals emerge on a regular basis. However, Amazon Prime Video is one of the most appealing for many individuals, simply because so many people already have Amazon accounts.

On almost every device, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video both promise ad-free online viewing of films and TV series. Netflix boasts a wider collection of content and apps for more devices than Amazon Prime. Additionally, Netflix has more TV shows and films with closed captioning (also known as subtitles) than Amazon.

Netflix vs Prime Video

The primary area of contention between Amazon Prime and Netflix has been the size of the content collection. Despite having a smaller selection of titles, Amazon Prime frequently has more recent films and TV shows available for immediate viewing. On the other side, Amazon has a far smaller selection of TV episodes and films than Netflix, which only offers older content (with the exception of Netflix Original programming).

Netflix VS Prime Video: Comparing The Two Streaming Giants

In this article, we compare and contrast both streaming platforms in terms of subscriptions, device support, and user interface to see which is truly the best of the two.

Subscription Plans

Amazon Prime Video, unlike several other streaming services, only offers one subscription plan. The subscription can be paid using several methods, which includes, credit card, debit card, Amazon gift card, and so on. Its one-size-fits-all package includes a Prime subscription with several benefits, including standard 4K Ultra HD video quality. 

In contrast, Netflix offers three service categories: Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can access all of the Netflix service’s ad-free films, TV shows, and specials if you hold any of the subscriptions. The only things that vary when you pay more are the video quality and the number of devices that can stream at once. As the name suggests, the Basic package limits you to a single stream and standard definition (480p). Both streams are available in HD (up to 1080p) with the standard plan’s addition of a second one. With the premium plan, you can stream video in up to 4K Ultra HD with HDR and watch it simultaneously on up to four devices. If you have a Netflix gift card in possession, you can as well redeem your gift card to purchase a Netflix plan.

Even Netflix’s most affordable price plan is comparable to Amazon Prime Video, implying that Amazon Prime Video wins this round solely on the basis of cost.

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User Interface

Amazon’s user interface might be cumbersome at times. It varies in aesthetic and usability from device to device, with the best experience (unsurprisingly) on its own Amazon Fire TV, while some smart TVs’ implementation is less obvious. Prime Video’s web interface is displayed as a component within Amazon’s online store, rather than a separate experience. This can be disorienting, especially when attempting to figure out how to find a movie. Although the large search bar at the top of the page is the correct location, it appears like you’re about to search rather than Amazon Prime Video.

Meanwhile, Netflix offers one of the most consistent user interfaces, with only minor differences from one device to another, most of which are meant to capitalise on the strengths of a particular platform, such as its mobile-friendly Netflix apps for Android and iOS. You can set up many user accounts, each with its own distinctive suggestions, a kids-only profile to keep things strictly PG, and a fantastic search feature that is never far away if you become bored reading the enormous quantity of classified material. And the streamer has finally given customers the opportunity to turn off the bothersome auto preview feature.

Netflix takes this one as well, with high-quality audio and video, as well as a user experience and interface that we enjoy.

Prime Video

Device Support 

Chromecast is the only major device that doesn’t support Amazon Video but does support Netflix. Netflix’s iOS and Android applications all support Chromecast, however, Amazon Video does not. Netflix offers an Apple TV app as well, but Amazon does not. The Amazon Video applications for iOS do support Apple TV streaming. As a result, if you own an Apple TV, you can watch Netflix without using any other devices. However, you’ll need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod to watch Amazon Video on Apple TV.

Wrapping Up

Amazon Prime Video appears to offer more cost savings since its viewers can pay for a year upfront at a discounted price. Although, Netflix’s monthly fee offers flexibility to join, stop the service, and re-join when desired. Amazon Prime will need to offer more content and provide much more ease in the navigation of the app to be seen as a more serious threat to Netflix. When you need to buy gift card for your Netflix or Prime Video subscription, you can buy the gift cards easily on the NOSH App.



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