Tips for Using AMEX Gift Cards for Shopping, Dining, or Travel

American Express (AMEX) gift cards are gift cards that can be used the same way American Express credit and debit cards are used. These gift cards are one of the best types of gift cards you can gift anybody. That’s because AMEX gift cards are versatile and can be used for different purposes at various places. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you tips for using AMEX gift cards when traveling, dining, or shopping.

The convenience and flexibility that AMEX gift cards offer are one of the reasons this gift card is widely used. Unlike closed-loop gift cards which have limited use cases, you can use your AMEX gift card anywhere American Express is accepted. You can use it as a payment method at restaurants, bars, retail stores, gas stations, etc. 

Furthermore, AMEX gift cards come in both physical and digital forms and can be used both online and offline. One of the benefits of AMEX gift cards is that there is no usage fee. The only fee incurred is the fee you pay when purchasing your AMEX gift card. When it comes to using AMEX gift cards, there are some tips you can follow to ensure you get the best experience out of them. 

Tips for Using AMEX Gift Cards for Shopping, Dining, or Travel

Tips for using Amex gift cards

As I previously mentioned, you can use AMEX gift cards to cover travel, dining, and shopping expenses. I’ll be giving you some tips to remember and apply when using your AMEX gift card for these purposes. 

Shopping with Amex Gift Cards

Thanks to the versatility of AMEX gift cards, you can use them for shopping both online and physically. Since AMEX gift cards are not tied to a particular store, you can use them to pay at any store where American Express cards are accepted. The tips below will enhance your shopping experience with AMEX gift cards. 

  1. Check the expiration date of your gift card. Make sure you use the gift card before it expires to avoid having to halt shopping. While the balance on the gift card doesn’t expire, the card itself does. 
  2. Keep track of your balance after each purchase. Whenever you use your AMEX gift card to shop, keep an eye on the remaining balance. This is to ensure you were debited the right amount and to avoid exceeding the balance in later payments. 
  3. Combine your gift card with another payment method if your gift card balance doesn’t cover the entire purchase. Instead of totally halting your shopping process because of insufficient balance, use another payment method to complete the transaction. 
  4. Confirm if the online retailer accepts split payments. Sometimes, you might want to combine two payment methods when checking out. You may want to split the payment between your gift card and your regular credit/debit card. Some online retailers might not accept split payments, so make sure the balance on the card is enough to cover the entire purchase.
  5. Consider registering your AMEX gift card online with the issuer. This can help protect the balance if your AMEX gift card is lost or stolen.

Using AMEX Gift Cards for Dining

Many restaurants, cafes, lounges, etc accept American Express as a payment option. What that means for you is that you can use your AMEX gift card to enjoy some fine drinking and dining. 

Whether it’s using it to pay at a 5-star restaurant, a lounge, or at the coffee shop down your street, your gift card has you covered. Follow the tips below to get the best experience when using your AMEX gift card for dining. 

  1. Check with the restaurant beforehand to confirm they accept American Express cards. This is because not all restaurants accept American Express. 
  2. Check your AMEX gift card balance before dining. It’s important to know the remaining balance on the card before you go out to eat. This way you’ll be able to ensure whatever you buy is not above the balance on your gift card. 
  3. Don’t forget about tips. Remember that the card might not cover the tip, so have another form of payment, preferably cash, ready for that. 
  4. You should be aware of pre-authorization. Some restaurants may place a pre-authorization hold on your card, so make sure you have sufficient balance to cover the bill.

Using AMEX Gift Cards for Travel

Are you looking to go on vacation, travel for business purposes, or just travel for any reason at all? Well, AMEX gift cards can come in pretty handy when trying to sort out your expenses. 

You can use your American Express gift card as a payment method when booking flights, making hotel reservations, booking car rentals, and other travel expenses. Keep the tips below in mind when using your AMEX gift card for travel purposes:

  1. For bookings and reservations, verify that the travel service providers (hotels, airlines, rental cars) accept American Express cards. This is especially important if you’re using the gift card for larger expenses like flights or accommodations.
  2. Check you have extra funds in your balance in case there is a preauthorization hold. Some travel-related services might place preauthorization holds on the card, so having extra funds available is a good idea.
  3. If you plan on using the gift card while traveling internationally, make sure the card is accepted in the country you’re going to.
  4. Ensure you keep your gift card in a secure place while traveling to avoid loss or theft. Also, if it’s an electronic card, keep its details secure
  5. Read the terms and conditions that come with your AMEX gift card. This is for you to be aware of, and understand any location-specific limitations or rules associated with using it. 

Frequently Asked Questions about AMEX Gift Cards

1. Where is AMEX gift card accepted?

AMEX gift cards are generally accepted at places that accept American Express cards, both online and in-store.

2. Where is AMEX gift card not accepted?

American Express gift cards are not accepted outside of the United States and Canada. It is also not accepted at ATMs, banks, and cannot be used for recurring bills. 

3. What should I do if my Amex gift card is lost or stolen?

If you lose your Amex gift card or believe it is stolen, reach out to Amex customer support by calling 1-888-846-4308. Note that you will need to provide your card number, so it is advisable you write it down and keep it somewhere safe. 

4. Are AMEX gift cards accepted outside the United States?

Yes, AMEX gift cards are accepted everywhere American Express Cards are accepted in Canada, in addition to the US.

5. Is AMEX gift card accepted in Europe?

American Express is accepted at some merchants in Europe, but its acceptance is limited due to the higher merchant charges. 

6. How do I contact AMEX gift card customer service?

To contact AMEX gift card customer service, you can find the customer service number on the back of your card . You can also visit the American Express gift card website for more contact information and support options.


Using American Express (AMEX) gift cards can offer you unmatched convenience and flexibility for shopping, dining, or travelling. The versatility of these gift cards gives you the luxury to use them to indulge in your desired experience. With an AMEX gift card, you also don’t have to worry about losing your funds to expiration. 

Whether you’re shopping online or in-person, dining out at your favorite restaurant, or embarking on a memorable journey, the tips shared in this article will help you have a seamless experience with your AMEX gift card. If you want one for yourself, or to gift somebody, remember you can always get your AMEX gift card on Nosh easily.



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