How To Make The Best Use Of American Express Gift Cards In 2024

American Express (AMEX) gift cards can be used as a good choice for gifting your family and friends and even for personal use as well. American Express gift cards are very popular sets of gift cards that offer convenience and flexibility. In this article, I will be sharing with you tips and strategies that will help you to be able to leverage your Amex gift cards effectively during shopping or any online use.

Many people do not know of the various strategies that can be utilized when using American Express gift cards, therefore, it is first important to understand how the gift cards work. They are prepaid cards that can be funded with specific amounts and can be used for payment wherever American Express is accepted at checkout.

Furthermore, they can not only function as gift cards, but they can also function as normal credit or debit cards. The only difference is that they have a fixed value. American Express gift cards come with several benefits, which include, zero monthly fees, but they may have some limitations when it comes to usage.

American Express gift cards

Six Ways To Make The Best Use Of American Express Gift Cards

1. Strategic Acquisition of Amex Gift Cards

We should begin here because this is the initial point when the gift card is being purchased and you can start getting the best out of your gift cards from here strategically.

How? Look out for promotions and special offers that provide additional value, such as bonus rewards and cashback during the gift card purchase.

2. Leveraging Amex Gift Cards for Travel

You can use the American Express gift card to book flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel-related payments. Also, you can consider adding gift cards to travel loyalty programs so you can earn more rewards and benefits.

3. Smart Shopping with Amex Gift Cards

You can use an American Express gift card as a secret weapon when it comes to shopping. Learn to stack up your gift cards to make use of the discounts by combining your gift cards with coupons, promotions, and other special deals.

Therefore, it is important to save your gift cards for significant purchases to make the most out of them.

4. Split Payments

Let’s say you have a purchase you want to make but exceeds the amount of cash on you, you can use your American Express gift card to cover the portion of the purchase.

Split payment can also be done intentionally, between your gift card and another payment method as a means to maximize the funds in your gift card and not leave it unused.

5. The Gift Option

Imagine you don’t have a purchase to make with your American Express gift card, but that does not mean you cannot get creative with it.

You can get creative by gifting it to an American Express fan during a special occasion, and personalize the experience for them. You can also use the gift card to make charitable donations.

6. Gift Card Exchange Sites

If you have an unwanted Amex gift card that you don’t need due to location reasons or not having an available means to make use of them, you can sell them for cash if you are in Nigeria or Ghana instead of abandoning them in your wallet or closet.

You can easily sell your American Express gift card for cash instantly on the Nosh App at the best rate and without hassle.

American Express gift card

Frequently Asked Questions About American Express Gift Cards

Can I use American Express gift cards for travel expenses?

Yes absolutely. In fact, several cards produced by American Express come with travel insurance, and some other Amex cards even come with more benefits. 

How can I protect my American Express gift card balance from theft or loss?

You can protect your Amex gift card from theft or loss by treating it like cash and keeping it in a very safe place. If your gift card is stolen or lost, immediately report it to the issuer to prevent unauthorized use.

Are there any fees associated with American Express gift cards?

No. Amex gift cards do not have monthly service, maintenance or any other fees attached to them after they are purchased. However, there is a $3.95 fee per card at the point of purchase on the Amex website. This car purchase fee can be different at other retail locations.

What is the maximum American Express gift card denomination?

American Express gift cards are available in amounts ranging from $25 to $3,000.


The potential of an American Express gift card is tremendous when used strategically. When you understand the timing of your purchase and utilize smart shopping techniques, you can unlock the full value of the gift cards. With the above strategies, you will well be on your way to get the best out of your Amex gift cards and making the most of your spending.

Remember, if you have no need for your gift card then cash in on them on the Nosh App instead of abandoning them because they may expire and lose value.



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