Best Gift Cards For Men: The Perfect Presents For Every Occasion

Everyone loves receiving gifts and yes, men are not exempted. Gift cards are great presents that your boyfriend, brother, uncle, dad, or friend will appreciate getting. You may be worried about the possibility of getting them a gift card they won’t like.

This article will address the best gift cards for men, the perfect presents for every occasion. Regardless of the occasion, you will find the ideal gift card to get him here.

Before we get started, be aware that you can buy gift cards on NOSH. There is a great list of gift card selections to purchase from. Don’t worry too much about where to buy the gift card for him. Now, let’s get started!

Top 7 Best Gift Card Ideas For Men

Below are 7 unique gift card ideas you can consider when you want to gift him. Let’s dive in:

1. Experiences to Delight

Experience gift cards are always my go-to. I believe offering an exceptional experience will leave a lasting impression compared to a physical item. Travel experience gift cards are one great choice that will never disappoint. Going on an adventure will surely make the recipient happy. Examples of such gift cards include gift cards, Airbnb gift cards, Spafinder gift cards, Fairmont gift cards, etc. gift card offers a cheaper option for hotel and package bookings at popular spots in the world. Gifting a man an Airbnb gift card is like offering them the chance to book the apartment of their choice wherever the vacation takes them. Spafinder gift card. Uber gift cards come in handy when you need to explore a new city.

2. Tech and Gadgets Galore

I think it won’t be wrong to say all men like everything tech and gadgets. This means you will never go wrong with a tech gift card. Check out the following list to make a choice.

  • Apple Gift Card: Is he an Apple die-hard fan? Then, you don’t need to think hard about what to get him. Apple gift card is one of the best gift cards for men. Whether it’s his birthday, graduation, or party, an Apple gift card will surely put a grin on his face. It can be used to purchase a variety of Apple products including MacBooks, iPhones, AirPods, iPads, etc.

  • Amazon Gift Card: The versatile feature of the Amazon gift card makes it stand out. He can get any type of electronics with an Amazon gift card. It is available in several denominations. So, you can simply buy one that is within your budget. You have the option to get the physical type or e-gift card which will be delivered to your email address. With the vast selection of tech gadgets at the store, you can be sure your recipient will love it.

  • Best Buy Gift Card: Best Buy has various kinds of technology products including laptops, cameras, smartphones, home appliances, etc. Gift out a Best Buy gift card and give your recipient the chance to buy whatever they want. You can get a Best Buy gift card between $25 and $500.


3. Food and Drink Favorites

Find below the best gift cards for men who identify as foodies in your life. They say food is the way to a man’s heart. You can find your way to their heart with these recommended gift cards.

  • Starbucks Gift Card: Make him feel special by getting him a Starbucks gift card. The receiver can walk into any Starbucks store to redeem the gift card. It can be redeemed for tea, coffee, cake, pastries, or drinks.

  • DoorDash Gift Card: A DoorDash gift card is a thoughtful gift to give someone. It can be used to enjoy several delicious meals. It is also redeemable at Uber Eats. Food delivery is a viable option with the gift card.

  • The Cheesecake Factory Gift Card: Sumptuous cheesecake and desserts can be enjoyed at any Cheesecake Factory restaurant. The gift card can be used to redeem from the menu selections including salads, steaks, pizzas, and many more.

  • Outback Steakhouse Gift Card: Gift out a delicious meal with an Outback Steakhouse gift card. The gift card is redeemable at the restaurant store across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam. It is available in both the physical and digital form.

4. Adventure and Outdoor Gift Cards

Adventure gift cards are one of the best gifts you can ever give anyone. They can create memories they will hold on to forever with it. You can get an adventure or outdoor gift card that can be used within a close location or travel far away. Snorkeling, Kayaking, Ziplining, and Paddleboarding are all outdoor activities you can consider when selecting a gift card.

5. Fashion and Accessories for Men

  • Nike Gift Card: A Nike gift card unlocks access to a wide range of men’s styles and wardrobe essentials. A Nike gift card is a way to make him stay in style. He can redeem joggers, t-shirts, jackets, pants, socks, boots, etc.

  • Footlocker Gift Card: With a Footlocker gift card, your recipient can purchase their favorite shoes. The Footlocker gift card makes the perfect present for every occasion. The recipient will be sure to get something that matches their unique clothing style.

  • Adidas Gift Card: Is he a fitness enthusiast? If yes, the Adidas gift card seems like a perfect choice. The physical or digital Adidas gift card is available in various denominations for as low as $10. The recipient can use an Adidas gift card to get sneakers, joggers, beanie caps, and related clothing.

6. Gaming and Entertainment Picks

Gaming is one of the fun activities men love to engage in. With a gaming gift card, they can buy various games and gaming gadgets in-store or online. It can also be used to acquire gaming accessories to enhance the whole experience. Let’s look at the top picks you should consider.

  • Xbox Gift Card: You can offer him a free pass into the world of gaming with an Xbox gift card. The quality of games on Xbox is mindblowing and they can be played on PC or console. You can get an Xbox gift card between $10 and $100. Oh yes, an Xbox gift card also gives access to other entertainment like music, movies, and TV shows.

  • GameStop Gift Card: The GameStop gift card is another wonderful gift card for men that has a thing for gaming. You can redeem the gift card on their website or at their physical stores. Interested in getting your man the hottest game releases? You can never go wrong with a GameStop gift card. It can also be used for gaming apparel and collectibles.

  • PlayStation Gift Card: PlayStation is your go-to for everything gaming and entertainment. You can use it to download games directly to your console or play online. Your recipient can also choose to use it for a PlayStation Plus subscription as well. One thing is sure about the PlayStation gift card, it can’t go unused in the hands of a gaming enthusiast.

  • Steam Gift Card: Ask any man who loves gaming to name the top 5 gaming gift cards and hear them say Steam gift card. This assures that the gift card is ideal for men regardless of the occasion. It’s convenient to use because all games are available in digital copies.

Virtual reality headset with joystick

7.  Personalized and Customizable Options

You can put some thoughtfulness into the kind of gift card you want to gift out. Gifting someone a gift card with a custom photo and message will definitely make it personalized.

Visa gift cards or MasterCards are great options. They both can be used at any retail store or restaurant that accepts them as payment options. The great thing is that they are not tied to just a particular store.


The existence of gift cards has revolutionized gifting and it’s beautiful to see. This guide explores several gift card options for men that are perfect for every occasion.

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or holiday, you can select a gift card from the ones we’ve addressed.

In a case where you received any of these gift cards and you don’t want to redeem them, you can exchange them for cash. You can swiftly sell gift cards for cash on the Nosh platform.



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