GameStop Gift Cards: Assessing Their Value and Game Purchases

GameStop gift cards are great assets to enjoy the amazing gaming items and services GameStop has to offer. Do you currently have one and are interested in finding out its worth as well as how to buy games with it?

This article is tailored to provide answers to your questions. I will explain how to know the value of your GameStop gift card and how you can use a GameStop gift card for game purchases.

The benefits of the GameStop gift card include no-fee charge and no expiration date. They are available in two forms; physical and digital form. You can pick any design of your choice if you are buying the digital GameStop gift card.

It’s an ideal gift option for gamers and tech lovers. Keep reading to find out how to know the worth of your gift card.

How To Know The Value Of Your GameStop Gift Card

To know the value of your GameStop gift card, leverage the rate calculator on the Nosh website. There is a Check Rate feature on the Nosh mobile app as well.

This rate fluctuates due to various factors like demand and market conditions. It also varies with the different gift card trading platforms in Nigeria.

The physical GameStop gift card has more value when exchanged for cash than a digital GameStop gift card. Follow the steps outlined below to find out the value of your GameStop gift card:

Check Gift Card Rate

  1. Click on the rate calculator.

  2. Select GameStop from the category list.

  3. Select USA GameStop from the subcategory list.

  4. Type in the value of your GameStop gift card e.g. 100

  5. The equivalent of your gift card’s value in naira will be displayed immediately.

Uses Of A GameStop Gift Card

The following are what you can use your GameStop gift card for. Don’t limit yourself. Explore the list and enjoy. Let’s get to it.

A man using a controller to play video game

  1. Use your GameStop gift card to buy video games, game consoles, and accessories.

  2. You can pre-order upcoming GameStop game releases.

  3. Use your gift card to pay for gaming subscriptions.

  4. Buy computer hardware available on GameStop.

  5. Purchase consumer electronics.

  6. Trade your GameStop gift card for cash.

How To Use GameStop Gift Card For Game Purchases

  1. Purchase a GameStop gift card and locate the gift card number and PIN.

  2. Go to the GameStop official site and search for your preferred game.

  3. Select and add them to the cart.

  4. Proceed to checkout.

  5. Choose “Gift Card” from the available payment options.

  6. Enter your GameStop gift card number and PIN.

  7. Review your order details and proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions About GameStop Gift Cards

1. Which Games Can I Buy With My GameStop Gift Card On GameStop?

You can purchase video games like Star Wars Jedi, Cyberpunk, and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare on GameStop.

2. Where Can I Redeem My GameStop Gift Card?

You can redeem your GameStop gift card for games or gaming products like Xbox and PlayStation on GameStop’s official website.

3. Are GameStop Gift Cards Reloadable?

No, you won’t be able to reload your GameStop gift cards once the balance is used up.

4. Can I Exchange My GameStop Gift Card To Cash?

Yes, you can exchange your GameStop gift card for cash in Nigeria. To sell your GameStop gift card, simply sign up on Nosh and trade with a few easy steps.


With the insights provided, you should be able to know the value of your GameStop gift card now. Follow the step-by-step guide covered to buy any game of your choice on GameStop. Create an account on NOSH to swiftly convert your GameStop gift card for cash.



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