Why Nigerian Debit Cards Don’t Work on Google Play Store

International transactions have always generated conversations online, especially on Twitter and Quora. The truth is many Nigerians engage in dollar payment for different kinds of services. This could be entertainment, finance, lifestyle, education, or health. An acquaintance in a community I’m part of still posted on her status 3 days ago about how she couldn’t make payment on Apple Music.

The fact that this happens with many other apps including Google Play leading to the Not Eligible error whenever a Nigerian debit card is used is disappointing. You may have even used different Nigerian debit cards and still experience the same issue. In this article, I will explain why Nigerian debit cards don’t work on Google Play. Let’s get started.

Google Play

Why Your Nigeria Debit Card Isn’t Working On Google Play

The reason behind your Nigeria debit card not working on Google Play is because of federal law regarding restrictions on FX transactions. Before the law, international transactions go through on naira cards but with a monthly international spending limit. I could remember when I wanted to make a foreign school fee payment with my Access card. One of the issues I had then was the transaction limit thingy. But that’s not even the case now. Even a $10 international transaction can give you a headache now.

So, you should know that the reason behind your debit card not working is not at all related to insufficient funds. CBN passed the FX transaction restriction to all commercial banks in 2022. Apparently, the regulation was passed because the country is experiencing low dollar circulation.

This basically explains why your debit card doesn’t work on Google Play. Now that the reason is clear, how do you address it? Keep reading to find out.

How To Make Payment On Google Play Store

I will show you three different ways that are feasible when it comes to making payments on Google Play Store. These include the use of a domiciliary card, virtual dollar card, and Google Play gift card.

1. Domiciliary Card

This is basically a dollar card. You can walk into any bank in Nigeria to request one. Based on the documents requested from me when I opened the Access Dom account, you will need two passports, NIN, a utility bill, and a 100-dollar bill. You will be given two documents to give two people as references. They will only need to fill in their details and vouch for you. Once you are able to open a Dom account, you can request the card. You can then use the DOM card details to make payment on the Google Play store.

2. Virtual Dollar Card

With the rise of fintech apps in Nigeria, there are several virtual dollar card options you can pick from. For a couple of months now, Payday has been in the face of many Nigerians with its aggressive marketing. Other fintech platforms that offer virtual dollar cards include Kuda, Chipper, Nosh, and many more. However, I will recommend you sign up for the Nosh dollar card.

3. Google Play Gift Card

This right here works like magic. It doesn’t require any stress like opening a Dom account or signing up for a virtual dollar card. What you simply need is a Google Play gift card. So, you won’t use any debit card in this case but just the gift card. Note that the region of the gift card you buy must be the same as your billing address. This means if you got a US Google Play gift card, ensure to change the default address on your Google Play to a US address.

Google Play

Where To Buy Google Play Gift Card In Nigeria

The best platform to buy Google Play gift cards in Nigeria is Nosh. There are all kinds of Google Play gift cards available on the platform in terms of country/region. Form (physical and ecode) and denomination. You can easily buy a Google Play gift card on Nosh within a few minutes. There are also other kinds of gift cards available for purchase.


Why Nigerian debit cards don’t work on Google Play is not an issue from your card issuer. It’s basically the same for all commercial banks in Nigeria due to the restriction placed on FX payments by CBN. To scale the issue, get a domiciliary card, a virtual dollar card, or a Google Play gift card. You can easily open a virtual dollar card or buy a Google Play gift card on Nosh.



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