How To Spot and Avoid Razer Gold Gift Card Scams

Sometime in 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdown, I unfortunately fell victim to a Razer Gold gift card scam. I never thought I could get scammed that way. I really didn’t see it coming. Sit back, and let me tell you about my experience. 

During the stay-at-home period, I got chatting with one of my followers on Twitter. Over time, we became pretty good friends, or so I thought. One evening, he texted me asking me to help him send a $100 Razer Gold gift card to his sister abroad. 

He claimed that he didn’t have enough dollars and his sister needed money urgently. So, we agreed I would send a $100 Razer Gold gift card while he sent me the equivalent in naira. I sent the gift card and he blocked me afterwards. That was when I realized I had been scammed.

I don’t want you to ever fall victim to a scam like this, that’s why I’m writing this piece. This article talks about how to spot and avoid Razer Gold gift card scams. Before I go into that, I will discuss some common Razer Gold gift card scams. 

6 Common Razer Gold Gift Cards Scams

Common Razer Gold Gift Card Scams

Razer Gold gift card scams typically involve fraudsters tricking individuals into providing them with their Razer Gold gift card or personal details. 

Common Razer Gold gift card scams include friend/family scams, fraudulent support calls, fake offers and prizes, fraudulent third-party sellers, phishing scams, and tampered gift cards. 

1. Friend/Family Scam

Scammers create fake online relationships with victims, pretending to be friends or romantic partners. Eventually, they ask for money or gift cards often claiming it’s for an emergency. Once you send the money or gift cards, they disappear like in the case of what happened to me. 

2. Fraudulent Support Calls

Sometimes, scammers pretend to be from Razer customer support and call people, claiming there’s an issue with their account or a special offer. They might ask for personal information or request payment to fix a non-existent problem.

Once you give them your details, they clear out your funds. 

3. Fake Offers and Prizes 

Another thing scammers do is contact victims, claiming they’ve won a prize by Razer. On the other hand, they might tell you about an ongoing offer or a discount. 

Usually, victims are asked to pay a fee or provide personal information to claim the prize, but there’s no actual prize.

4. Fraudulent Third Party Sellers

Scammers also set up fake online stores or post listings on marketplace websites selling Razer Gold gift cards at discounted prices. They make the deals sound too good to pass up, like offering a $100 gift card for only $50. Victims buy the cards but receive nothing or a used card in return, losing their money.

Hence, you should only buy gift cards from reputable gift card platforms. 

5. Phishing Scams

Here, scammers send fake emails or create websites that look like Razer Gold’s official ones. They trick people into clicking links and entering their personal information, like login credentials or credit card numbers, which they then steal.

6. Tampered Gift Cards

Scammers also steal card details from Razer Gold gift cards before they’re activated, then put them back on the store shelf or sell them online. When someone buys and activates the gift card, the scammer drains the balance.

How To Identify Razer Gold Gift Card Scams in 2024

How To Identify Razer Gold Gift Card Scams

You can spot Razer Gold gift card scams by looking out for urgent demands, unrealistic offers, email red flags and unwarranted contact. 

1. Urgent Demands

Scammers often try to pressure you into quick decisions. Sometimes, it might come as a limited-time offer prize, fixing an issue, or someone needing urgent help (like in my case). Scammers use urgency to trick you into acting before thinking clearly. So, don’t rush into doing anything. 

2. Unrealistic Deals

Watch out for offers that seem too good to be true, like huge discounts or bonuses. Without a doubt, a lot of scammers use enticing deals to get your personal details. Other times, when you get a ridiculously discounted gift card, you may find out it has been used. 

3. Email Red Flags

Pay close attention to emails for signs of phishing attempts, such as spelling errors or suspicious sender addresses. Real Razer emails won’t have mistakes and will actually be from Razer. 

Additionally, if you get a link, hover over it (don’t click!). Secure links should match the displayed text and start with “https”.

4. Unwarranted Contact

If someone contacts you out of the blue, claiming to be a Razer customer service agent and asking for your personal or gift card details, it’s most likely a scam.

Also, if an “agent” mentions an issue with your account you’ve not noticed, hold. First, try to confirm the issue yourself, then contact Razer customer support directly through their official channels. Never give out your personal details over the phone.

How To Avoid Razer Gold Gift Card Scams

Taking certain precautions will keep you one step ahead of scammers. These tips will help avoid Razer Gold gift card scams:

  1. Buy Razer Gold gift cards only from Razer, authorized retailers, or reliable gift card platforms like Nosh.
  2. Keep your personal information and gift card details private. That is, never share it with anyone.
  3. Don’t click on suspicious links, even if they say they’re from Razer. They might be fake links designed to steal your information. 
  4. Inspect physical gift cards carefully for damage or tampering before buying.

Moreover, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Frequently Asked Questions About Razer Gold Gift Card Scams

1. Are Razer Gold gift cards used for scams?

Yes, unfortunately, Razer Gold gift cards, like any other type of gift card can be used for scammers. 

2. Why do scammers target Razer Gold gift cards?

Razer Gold gift cards are popular, have good rates and can be redeemed easily. As a result, many scammers target them.

3. What should I do if I fall victim to a Razer Gold gift card scam?

If you fall victim to a Razer Gold gift card scam or suspect any foul play, you should contact Razer’s  support or the platform where the incident occurred. 

4. Can a Razer Gold gift card be used to track a scammer?

No, you can’t use Razer Gold gift cards to track scammers directly. In fact, once a gift card is purchased and the code is provided to the scammer, it becomes difficult to trace the transaction.


In short, staying alert and informed is key to spotting and avoiding Razer Gold gift card scams.

Undoubtedly, if you follow the tips shared in this article like buying from trusted sources, safeguarding personal information, and being cautious of suspicious requests, you can greatly reduce your chances of falling victim to scams.



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