Can You Combine Visa Gift Cards? Tips For Maximizing Value

The flexibility and convenience of Visa gift cards make it one of the top gift cards used for gifting. Have you received multiple Visa gift cards and need to combine them into one? This article will address how you can combine Visa gift cards and tips to maximize their value.

There are cases where you spend part of the balance on a Visa gift card. Now, you have about 5 Visa gift cards with small balances. You need to pay for a $100 product but each of your Visa gift cards is within the range of $15-$25. What do you do? Keep reading to find out!

5 Different Ways To Combine Visa Gift Cards

Let’s look at the different ways you can leverage your multiple Visa gift cards to make a purchase.

1. Use Multiple Visa Cards For A Purchase

Certain stores accept multiple cards for their customers to make purchases online or in-store. You can simply inform the attendant that you would like to use multiple Visa gift cards.

They will confirm the remaining balances on each of these cards to be sure it will cover your expenses. Once confirmed, you can go ahead to make your purchase.

2. Consolidate The Funds On Your Visa Gift Cards

There is an option to use your multiple Visa gift cards to buy a store-specific gift card. Some retailers allow their customers to do this.

Let’s assume you have 3 Visa gift cards with $7 each. You will be given a store-specific card worth $28 in exchange for your cards. This means you can now use that $28 gift card to make purchases at the store now or later.

3. Add Your Visa Card Balances To PayPal

No matter the number of Visa gift cards you have, you can easily add them to your PayPal account. Once done, you can then use your PayPal as a payment option.

4. Leverage Card Management Apps

There are online wallet apps that are used for card management services. They include Famzoo, Venmo, Greenlight, etc. These apps can be used to add your card balances together in one place. You can also track your spending with these apps.

5. Contact Customer Support

Place a call to the customer support number on the back of your gift card. Discuss your request with the customer rep. If they agree to your request, you will need to provide each of your Visa gift card numbers so that they can confirm the remaining balances. The gift card balances will be transferred into one single card and the details will be provided for you.

Tips For Combining Visa Gift Cards

  1. Make sure to read the terms and conditions on your purchased Visa gift cards. This will help you be informed if it’s possible to combine them to buy a single gift card.

  2. If you plan to combine multiple Visa gift cards to make a single purchase, ensure to confirm the feasibility from the cashier.

  3. Before calling customer support to consolidate your funds, have your gift card numbers and expiry dates at hand.

  4. Most card management apps charge a fee to allow you to consolidate your funds. Make research to find out before making a decision.

Advantages Of Using Visa Gift Cards

  1. Flexibility: Visa gift cards can be used to buy anything. Clothing, fuel, food, and many other items can be purchased with a Visa gift card.

  2. Convenience: you can use your Visa gift card to make purchases at any store as long as they accept Visa as a payment option. Visa gift card is not restricted to a particular store like other store-specific gift cards. You can use them to buy items online or in-store.

  3. Budgeting: To avoid overspending, you can decide to load a certain amount on your Visa gift card and use it to make a purchase.

  4. Security: Visa gift cards are not linked to your bank account. You have nothing to worry about in case you misplace your Visa gift card or it gets stolen.

  5. Gifting Option: They are great gifts for your loved ones on special occasions.

Gift Card

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Combine Multiple Visa Gift Cards?

Yes, there are several ways to combine your Visa gift cards. The best approach is to consolidate the Visa gift card balances together in one place e.g. card management apps, PayPal, etc.

2. Can I Use Visa Gift Card To Buy Another Gift Card?

Yes, there are certain retailers that allow you to use a Visa gift card to buy other gift card types.

3. Are There Fees Associated With Visa Gift Card?

Some Visa gift cards attract activation and maintenance fees. It’s advisable to read the terms and conditions to familiarize yourself with any existing fees.

4. Can I Add Visa Gift Card To PayPal?

Yes, you can add your Visa gift card balance to PayPal. Your PayPal can then be used to make payment for further purchases.

5. Can I Use My Visa Gift Card For Online Purchases?

Yes, Visa gift cards can be used for online purchases.

6. How Do I Convert Visa Gift Card To Cash?

Create an account on the Nosh website or the mobile app. Once you have an account, verify your email address and log in to sell your Visa gift card for cash.

7. Can I Reload A Visa Gift Card?

No, Visa gift cards are generally preloaded with a specific amount. Once used up, you cannot reload an amount on the same gift card.


There might not be a straightforward means to combine your Visa gift cards into a single card, however, there are strategies you can employ.

According to this guide, consolidate your Visa card funds into a store-specific card, leverage card management apps, call customer support, or add your Visa card to PayPal. Regardless of the option you are going for, always make sure to read the terms and conditions of your Visa gift cards.



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