Where to Buy Roblox Gift Cards: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for where to buy Roblox gift cards to make your gaming experience smoother? Well, I’m glad to tell you your search is over. 

Roblox is one of the biggest online gaming platforms and it has revolutionized the world of gaming. This gaming platform focuses on user-generated content which has helped it become very popular among gamers. Many top brands today have their gift cards and Roblox isn’t exempted. 

Roblox gift cards are one of the easiest ways to add money to your Roblox account, whether for subscriptions, in-app purchases or to buy games on Roblox. Roblox gift cards come in different denominations ranging from $10 to $200. Just like with many other gift card types, it is available both in physical and digital form. 

In this article, I’ll be discussing the different places you can buy Roblox gift cards and how to buy them in quick, easy steps. 

Three Places to Get Roblox Gift Cards

Where to Buy Roblox Gift Cards


You can get Roblox gift cards from Roblox’s official website, local retailers around you and online marketplaces. I’ll talk about each of them in detail. 

  1. Roblox Official Website: To start, you can visit the official Roblox gift card website. This is a dedicated Roblox page for gift cards. It is pretty straightforward getting your Roblox gift card from the website. It is also a reliable option because you can trust its authenticity since you’re getting it straight from the source. 
  2. Online Retailers: If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, you can explore websites like Amazon and GameStop. These online retailers typically sell Roblox Gift Cards, and you can easily find them by searching for “Roblox Gift Cards” on their platforms. When you buy from these online retailers, your gift card will be delivered to you.
  3. Local Retailers: You can also find physical Roblox gift cards at stores around you, meaning you can make in-store purchases. Walk into any Walmart or Target store around you to buy your Roblox gift card. In addition, with local retailers, you can choose to either visit their physical stores or check their online platforms if that’s more convenient for you.

You can decide to buy Roblox gift cards from any of these options depending on which one is most convenient for you. If you buy an eGift card, it will be delivered to your email. On the other hand, if you order a physical gift card, it will be delivered to your address. 

Now that you know where to buy Roblox gift cards, let’s talk about how to buy them. 

How to Buy Roblox Gift Cards Online On Roblox Website

How to Buy Roblox Gift Cards

Buying a Roblox gift card is quite straightforward and can be completed in quick, easy steps. Follow the steps below to successfully purchase your Roblox gift card from the official Roblox website. 

  1. Visit Roblox’s Official Website: The first thing to do is to visit the official Roblox website. 
  2. Login or Create an Account: If you have a Roblox account, log in. If you don’t, create one by clicking on the “Sign Up” button.
  3. Go to the Robux Section: On the Roblox website, find the “Robux” section. You can usually see this in the top menu.
  4. Choose the Gift Card Value: In the Robux section, look for the “Gift Cards” tab and click on it. You’ll see various gift card options with different values. Click on the Roblox gift card with the value you want to purchase and add it to your cart. 
  5. Review and Checkout: Review your order by clicking on the cart icon. It is usually located in the top right corner of the page. Make sure the details are correct.
  6. Complete the Purchase: Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the purchase. You’ll need to provide your payment information and shipping details if you’re buying a physical gift card.

And like that, you’ve successfully purchased your Roblox gift card. If you bought an eGift card, the code will be immediately delivered to your email inbox. If it was a physical gift card, it will be delivered to your address within the estimated timeframe. 

However, in the case where you want to make a physical purchase, all you have to do is walk into any store that sells Roblox gift cards. When you’re in, head over to the gift card section, pick the gift card or cards that you want and pay at the counter. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Roblox Gift Cards

1. Where can I find Roblox gift cards?

You can find Roblox gift cards at stores like Target and Walmart and other gaming stores around you. You can also find them online on the official Roblox website and online marketplaces like Amazon and GameStop. 

2. How much is a $50 Roblox gift card worth in Naira?

Currently, a $50 Roblox gift card is worth N9500, going at the rate of N190 on Nosh. Feel free to use this gift card rate calculator to check the worth of other denominations. 

3. Where can I Redeem my Roblox gift card?

You can only redeem and use your Roblox gift card on the Roblox platform. Additionally, you can redeem your Roblox gift card for cash if you won’t be using it on the platform. 

4. Can I Sell my Roblox gift card?

Yes, you can sell your Roblox gift card. Selling your Roblox gift card is the same thing as redeeming it for cash. If you have any unused or unwanted Roblox gift cards, you can easily sell them at the best rate on Nosh. 


Roblox gift cards make your gaming experience on Roblox faster and better. With a Roblox gift card, you can quickly add money to your account and purchase games, and Roblox items, among other things. 

You can easily buy your Roblox gift card on the official Roblox website, at physical stores, or from online retailers. Follow the steps explained above to buy Roblox gift cards online. Also, remember not to let your unused gift cards go to waste when you can redeem them for cash on Nosh




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