Top 9 Roblox Games You Can Buy With Roblox Gift Cards In 2024

It’s amazing to have a free multi-player gaming platform that is appealing to all age groups. Yes, Roblox is the gaming platform I’m referring to. It’s a great platform that allows users to create their own unique experiences.

No surprise that the game library on Roblox is filled with amazing games. There are RPGs, anime-themed adventure, horror games, and many others. It may be a challenge trying to pick the best one. That is why I will be exploring the top 9 Roblox games you can buy with Roblox gift cards in this article.

Roblox gift cards are a great payment option to buy Roblox games. To use your Roblox gift cards to pay for games, you will need to redeem them by entering the gift card code on the Roblox redemption page.

9 Best Games To Buy With Roblox Gift Card In 2024

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of mind-blowing games on Roblox. The following list consists of carefully picked top 9 games you can buy with your Roblox gift card and enjoy.

1. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is one of the most played games on Roblox especially among players familiar with Among Us. There are 3 major groups that you can pick from. You can spawn as the murderer, sheriff, or an innocent player.

As the game name suggests, the purpose of the game is to solve a murder mystery. The murderer’s goal is to kill every innocent player. The role of the sheriff is to catch the murderer while the role of the innocent player is to survive. A round of the game involves one murderer, one sheriff, and ten innocent players.

2. Jail Break

Jail Break

Jail Break is another role-playing game you can buy with your Roblox gift card. There are two main roles involved in this game – the cop and the criminal. You can decide which of these two roles you want to be. As a cop, you are expected to catch the criminal and get them imprisoned.

Additionally, make sure they never escape from prison. As a criminal, you are to loot places and make escaping the prison your primary goal. The game is fun and involves lots of vehicles and choppers.

3. Survive The Killer

Survive The Killer

Survive The Killer is a fantastic multiplayer horror game on Roblox. The goal of the game is to survive the killer and be a survivor. In this case, you can play with several friends. One of you will be the killer while the rest strive to become survivors.

The killer has the responsibility of making sure to kill every player. The players, on the other hand, work together as a group to escape the killer. This is where it gets tricky, each player acting as a survivor has two lives and also has the power of raising any one of them that goes down.

4. Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a fighting game that most combat lovers enjoy playing on Roblox. You are expected to hunt for specific weapons and fruits. These items will provide your character with the powers to overcome your enemies.

5. Brookhaven RP

Brookhaven RP

The special feature of the Brookhaven RP game is that you can play alone. A game that doesn’t require you to play your group of friends. It also offers you an opportunity to make new friends on the platform. You can purchase vehicles and houses.

There are several jobs in the street you can explore with your vehicle and role play. Any house you purchased can also be customized to your needs.

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6. Arsenal


Arsenal is a counter-strike FPS where you will require to kill as many players as possible. You will have access to various weapons to battle with other players.

There are firearms, magic spells, blasters, and related items. To survive, you need to demonstrate your adaptability and skills.

7. All Of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Are Dead

How does a zombie game sound to you? This game is inspired by the popular Kdrama titled All Of Us Are Dead. If you enjoyed the drama, there is a higher probability you will enjoy this game.

Just like in the drama, you and your high school friends are trapped in a classroom. Some of your high school classmates are already infected.

Now, you have to make weapons, collect materials to fight the zombies while trying as much as possible to avoid them.

8. Island Royale

Island Royale

Island Royale is for you if you a fan of playing battle royales. The game starts with you landing on an island by jumping off a flying bus.

Then, you are tasked with gathering resources on the island with your team of other players. The end goal here is to be the last team standing.

9. Outlaster


Compared to the other games we’ve covered, Outlaster stands to be unique. This is because instead of working together with friends like in the others, this game ends friendships.

Here, you will engage in a battle on an island with a couple of friends. You will employ manipulation, gain advantages, and engage in competitions.

It will come to a certain point where you all are to vote one person off the island. Now, will your friends support you to stay or will you conspire with others to kick one of you out?

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A great gaming experience is always certain with the top 9 Roblox games recommended above. The first action you need to take is to buy a Roblox gift card on Nosh. Then, redeem it on Roblox to buy any of these fantastic games. Have a blast!



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