How To Make The Best Use Of Steam Gift Card

If you are familiar with gift cards, I don’t expect Steam gift cards to be strange to you. This guide aims to break down how to make the best use of Steam gift cards. You will also learn the tips for using Steam gift cards to build your gaming library.

Steam gift card is literally the king of all gift cards in Nigeria in terms of high rate and popularity. Steam as a gaming platform has created a name for itself among gamers around the world.

In the quest of meeting customers’ needs, they offer physical and digital Steam gift cards as a payment option. They exist in diverse denominations making it easy for you to buy within an affordable budget.

When you buy a Steam gift card, the next thing on your mind is to determine what to use it for. Keep reading to find out!

6 Ways To Make The Best Use Of Steam Gift Card

Below is a list of different ways you can decide to use your Steam gift card.

Buy Video Game On Steam

1. Buy and Download Video Games On Steam

There are thousands of games built by developers across the world made available on Steam. Popular games like Dota 2 and Red Dead Redemption II are on the platform and available for purchase. You can use your Steam gift card to buy and download any of these games.

2. Purchase Digital Software On Steam

There is a good selection of software you can buy with your Steam gift card on the platform. This may be a gaming extension or gaming streaming service. However, it can’t be argued that there is an extensive gaming catalog on Steam compared to its software.

3. Buy Gaming Hardware Products With Your Steam Gift Card

You can find a good number of hardware products listed for sale on Steam. The most purchased hardware products you can decide to buy with your Steam gift card include Steam Controller and HTC Vive.

Steam Controller allows you to play your purchased video games on TV while HTC Vive can be used to explore virtual reality environments.

4. Send Digital Gifts To Friends

There is a feature on Steam that allows you to send digital gifts to friends on the platform. It’s a great way to connect with other users on Steam and play games with them.

5. Gift It Out To Loved Ones

Got a Steam gift card and not in the mood to play some games? Simply share the Steam code with your loved one. You can randomly gift it out or at their special events. A recipient who is a gaming enthusiast will appreciate it more.

6. Buy More Multiplayer Games

To enjoy playing games with your friends on Steam, place more priority on buying multiplayer games.

7. Trade Steam Gift Card For Cash

As I mentioned earlier the Steam gift card is known for its high rate, it’s only natural to trade it for cash. Like a friend of mine would say, who no like a better thing? You can sell your Steam gift card for cash on the Nosh website or mobile app.

The UK Steam Physical gift card is currently available on NOSH at an 810 Naira rate. Check the gift card rate calculator on the platform to confirm the current rate.

Check Gift Card Rate On NOSH

Tips For Using Steam Gift Cards To Build Your Gaming Library

1. Leverage Steam Seasonal Sales

Steam holds seasonal sales like the Summer and Winter sales where games are made available at very discounted prices.

2. Use The Wishlist Feature On Steam

You can create a wishlist on Steam and add a list of games will love to buy. Whenever those games are on sale, you will receive a notification to maximize the deal.

3. Look Out For Bundle Deals

This is one of the sweet offers Steam users enjoy. At certain times, multiple games can be purchased at a lower price. It’s a great way to use little money to acquire different games at once.

4. Get Different Games In Your Library

Use your Steam gift card to buy different types and genres of games. The variety of these games will present a great gaming experience.

5. Explore DLCs And Expansions

Using your Steam gift card to buy downloadable content and expansions is another exciting way to improvise your gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Steam Gift Cards

1. How Can I Check My Steam Gift Card Balance?

To check your Steam gift card balance, log in to the Steam mobile app and select Account Details on your profile dropdown. Scroll to the “Gift Card Balance” section where your gift card balance is written.

2. Can I Buy A Steam Gift Card Online?

Yes, you can buy a Steam gift card on Nosh by simply signing up. Once done, log in and click on the Buy Gift Card option. Enter the details required and get your Steam code delivered to your email address.

3. Can Steam Gift Cards Be Traced?

No, Steam gift cards cannot be traced. Once a Steam gift card is activated, you cannot find out where it’s used or who used it.

4. Can I Use Steam Gift Card On Amazon?

No, you cannot use a Steam gift card on Amazon. Steam gift card is mainly used to purchase items on Steam.

5. How To Use A Steam Gift Card To Buy A Game?

The first step is to redeem your Steam gift card and add the funds to your Steam wallet. You can then use the fund to buy any game you like on Steam.


In summary, we’ve explored how to make the best use of Steam gift cards. You’ve also learned various tips for using Steam gift cards to build a gaming library. With this guide, you can maximize and enjoy your Steam gift card.



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