Where to Buy Visa Gift Cards: Your Guide to Convenient Gift Giving 

If you’ve ever scratched your head about where to buy Visa gift cards, you are in the right place. The best platform to instantly get a Visa gift card is the Nosh App.

So, if you are having an issue such as restrictions on your naira card while checking out at international stores online, a Visa gift card is a great alternative to come to the rescue and solve the situation.

So, grab a cup of coffee, as we will be exploring the step-by-step guide on how to buy a Visa gift card on the Nosh app.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Buy Visa Gift Card in Nigeria

Nosh App

Buying a Visa gift card is a walk in the park; you no longer need to scratch your head to get it. Follow the steps below to learn how to do so. You can also follow these steps to buy other type of gift cards on the Nosh app:

  1. Download the NOSH App: You need to have the Nosh App on your device, and you can get it on Google Playstore and App Store when you search for “NOSH” or by simply clicking here.
  2. Sign up on NOSH: You are required to do the easy account set-up, whereby you will be asked to input details such as your full name, phone number, email address, country and password.
  3. Buy Visa Gift Card: After signing up or logging in to your Nosh account, the next is to go on and make the gift card purchase. Follow the below steps:
  • Click on Buy | Sell Gift Cards, then on the next page click on Buy Gift Cards.
  • Click on the United States
  • Search “visa” and select Visa Prepaid Card. 

Buy gift card on Nosh

  • Select the Amount you need
  • Pick the quantity you want
  • The amount to pay will be shown to you. And then, click on Proceed.
  • Your purchase will be successful and you can go to your transaction history at any time to get your Visa gift code.

Payment successful on Nosh

You can also watch this tutorial on how to buy gift cards on NOSH:


NOSH is the best gift card trading platform in Nigeria and Ghana. You can buy Visa gift cards and any other type of gift card of your choice from any country. You can also sell gift cards for cash (naira, cedis or dollars).

Furthermore, I will list out some facts on why NOSH is the best option for you:

  1. Buying gift cards is instant.
  2. Nosh has a track record of offering users the best gift card rates in the market. 
  3. 24/7 and quick customer service assistance
  4. Best user experience
  5. Top-tier account security

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Visa Gift Cards

  • Is there an activation fee after buying a Visa gift card?

Yes. There is an activation fee to be charged before using your Visa gift card. 

  • Can I use my Visa gift card to make purchases online or in-store?

Yes. You can use your Visa gift card to buy products online or at physical stores because several stores accept Visa gift cards as a mode of payment. The gift card code will be required of you at checkout.

  • Can I withdraw cash from any atm with a Visa gift card?

No. You may not be able to make a cash withdrawal from just any ATM with your Visa gift card except the ATM supports Visa. Most ATMs support Visa anyway, however, you can confirm if it supports Visa so you can make an informed decision.

  • Are any fees associated with withdrawing cash from a Visa gift card at an ATM?

Yes. There are withdrawal fees every time you use your Visa gift card at an ATM, however, the fee varies and is specific to the ATM or the location. 

  • What is the maximum amount of cash I can withdraw from my Visa gift card at an ATM?

The maximum amount of cash withdrawal you can make with your Visa gift card is $1,000. 

  • How can I check the balance of my Visa gift card?

To check the balance on your Visa gift card visit your card issue website or call their customer care representative and they will help you out. 


In conclusion, the ease of use and versatility of Visa gift cards have completely changed the game regarding online use and gifting. 

Now that you have our all-inclusive guide at your disposal, you can buy Visa gift cards and your purchases with ease and handle your gift-giving with ease as well. 

With Visa gift cards, you can enjoy the joy of giving rather than the stress of trying to locate the ideal present.



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