Afrbtc vs NOSH: Which Is The Best Gift Card Trading App In Nigeria?

Gift card trading platforms are essentially the means of solving the issue of unused gift cards. If you were given a gift card as a birthday present from your uncle in the United Kingdom, or you won a gift card during a contest, you will most certainly have no use for it if you are in Nigeria or Ghana due to the absence of physical stores of most gift card retail brands.

This issue brought about the emergence of gift card exchange platforms, created to buy them from you rather than leaving them idle in your wallet, wardrobe or anywhere in your room. Gift card trading apps purchase gift cards from traders who no longer need their cards. Traders in Nigeria and Ghana no longer have to wait endlessly before selling to someone in need. Gift cards are traded for cash, and the market has steadily increased over the years.

According to research, several youths have had at least one unused gift card. Gift card trading platforms are not difficult to use. To trade on a platform, simply download the application from your preferred online store either on iOS or Android. Then, you must open an account so you can sell your gift cards using your own account and by yourself. To begin your transaction, you must input the necessary details enter such as your gift card category, subcategory, card value, your payment currency and your account details to receive payment.

Are you a beginner looking for the best app to swap your gift card on for cash? Are you unable to decide between Afrbtc and NOSH? In this article, we pitted two industry heavyweights against one another to determine which is the superior trading platform. Here is a checklist to help you make the proper choice:

NOSH vs Afrbtc: Why NOSH is better Than Afrbtc

Pros and Cons of the Nosh app:

Nosh App - Best App To Sell ITunes Gift Cards In Nigeria

Presently, NOSH is one of the platforms to convert gift card to naira in Nigeria, and extending to Ghana, that allows you to purchase and sell various gift cards at the best prices and rates. When you buy and sell gift cards on NOSH, you can satisfy all your expectations.

Gift card trading applications, such as NOSH are not just tasked with the obligation of buying and selling numerous sorts of gift cards on its platform, it also offers more financial services that extend to airtime and data top-ups, bill payments, betting account funding, and more.

Nosh app is very much available for Android users on Play Store and on App Store for iOS users and has a great customer support team that functions 24/7/ Nosh is also very active and verified on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

However, the con for the Nosh app is that it does not provide means to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. So payment can only be received in cash (whether naira or cedis) and cannot be received in the form of cryptocurrency.

Pros and Cons of Afrbtc:

Afrbtc is an online trading platform that offers the means of exchange of bitcoins and gift cards in Nigeria. On the platform, you can quickly exchange your iTunes and Amazon gift cards for cash after selling them. Afrbtc has a mobile app that enables you to keep track of your transactions and request withdrawals of your funds.

However, the cons of using Afrbtc is that, the app is available to be downloaded for Android on Google Play Store only and is not available on App Store for iOS users. Furthermore, Afrbtc does not have little or no social media presence, and the reviews about the app online is not so pleasant as they amassed several bad reviews by the users that have tried out the app. Although, that is not good reason to write them off or call them a fraud because several users can give bad reviews due to delay in payment but later received their payment.

Afrbtc vs NOSH: Best Gift Card Trading Apps

How to Know a Good Gift Card Trading Platform

It is important to be able to identify a reliable and trustworthy gift card trading platform. Below are some key features that such platform should possess.

1. Instant Payment: A good platform will pay promptly, but untrustworthy platforms will take forever or never pay.

2. User-friendly: Nosh takes great joy in offering traders the most user-friendly platform possible. NOSH completely outperforms Afrbtc when it comes to this. When a platform is difficult to use, trading on it becomes uncomfortable. Users can easily make use of the Nosh app without guidance.

3. Round-the-Clock Customer Support: Any gift card trading platform (either website or app) without a customer support structure should be avoided totally. Because when any issue come up or you need help navigating the platform, you are cut off from the platform and can be duped.

4. Good Reviews: Users can read eyewitness reports of other traders’ experiences with the app under app reviews to make informed and solid decisions. Nosh outclass Afrbtc when it comes to reviews.

5. High Rates and Rate Calculator: This should be a key feature to look out for in a gift card trading platform because you want the best for yourself at all time and a good platform should always offer you that. Moreover, it should also have a rate calculator that enables gift card traders to determine the rate at which the trading platform makes purchases. This is necessary to know which platform sells the most products. This is crucial in order to determine which platform sells the most.


In the modern digital age, gift card trading is one of the legitimate ways to make money; you can buy and sell gift cards at affordable costs or rates. Nevertheless, choosing the right platform for you is very important. Nosh and Afrbtc are two good platforms but with what we have seen in this article, the ball is in your court to pick the best platform to go with.



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