10 Most Asked Gift Card Questions

Gift card is the trend now, especially among young adults. They are considered ideal gifts to give family, friends, and loved ones on various special occasions. We do not mind walking down to on-site stores to purchase them or simply buying the virtual card online.

As a business owner who will love to share gift cards with employees, a restaurant that will love to compensate loyal customers with gift cards, someone that purchased a gift card, or a recipient receiving a gift card as a gift, you may have several questions regarding gift cards.

I have good news for you. Questions like expiration date, service charge, gift card reload, and many others will be addressed here.

Here, I curate the 10 most asked gift card questions and provided answers to them. Let’s dive right in.

10 Most Asked Gift Card Questions

As a gift card trading platform in Nigeria, we’ve received several frequently asked questions about gift cards in Nigeria. I will ensure we address all those questions below.

1. Do gift cards have an expiration date?

According to the Credit Card Act of 2009, all gift cards are not expected to expire for at least 5 years from the date of activation. All gift card issuers are to also make sure to indicate the expiry date in the card’s manual.

It is also essential that the inactivity is also mentioned and made public which is effective after 12 months of no use. The inactivity fee can only be deducted once a month. However, gift card funds do not expire even if the card expires.

In case there are still funds left on the card after it expires, you can contact customer service to get a free replacement card.

2. Why was my gift card declined during the purchase?

This situation occurs when the item you are trying to buy is costly the remaining balance is on your gift card. Your card will be declined in such a situation. In case this happens, inform the cashier about the cost of what you intend to buy. The cost may be split into two where your gift card covers for a part and then you balance up with cash.

3. How to choose the best gift card for someone?

You must have an idea your recipient likes or the store they love to visit. This helps you buy their ideal gift card and prevent getting them what they won’t use. Ensure to check the gift card packaging as well to be aware of the fees and other details attached to the gift card.

More importantly, make sure to purchase the gift card from a trustworthy and reliable platform. Some con artists disguise themselves as legit agents and sell counterfeit gift cards. There are a few reputable platforms in Nigeria you can trust with your gift card purchase. The best platform you can patronize and won’t regret doing so is Nosh.

4. How do I decide the best gift card value for my recipient?

When it comes to gifting someone, it’s always depending on how much you can afford and the worth of the recipient to you. Generally, I will recommend $10 – $25 worth of gift cards to acquaintances or casual friends, and $30-$100 worth of gift cards to friends, siblings, and family. If you are gifting your partner or someone you hold in high esteem, a $100 gift card and upwards isn’t too much for them.

As I mentioned earlier, it still depends on how much you can afford.

5. Is it necessary to specify the value of the gift card?

It is recommended you specify the value of the gift card to your recipient. This will cancel any confusion and make them aware of what they are expecting. Hoping to get a particular gift card value and receiving less can be disheartening.

6. Should I include the receipt for a gift card?

It is necessary to give your recipient the gift card recipient. This will allow them to claim ownership. They can also activate the card easily with no fear.

7. How to make the gift card special?

The sweetest thing about a gift card is that you can always choose to personalize it. If you do not want to just send it out like that, you can add a personalized note or an extra gift item. This proves that you surely love and care about the person.

8. Can the holder of a gift card redeem it for cash?

Gift cards do come with terms and conditions with some issuers stating that they can’t be redeemed for cash.

Regardless of the cash redemption policy of any gift card issuer, there is a law ensuring that any gift card fund less than $10 is redeemable in cash.

Although this is the case, some businesses will nevertheless swap the remaining value of a gift card for cash if they feel the customer won’t be able to utilize the balance.

9. What can I do with an unwanted gift card?

If you own any unwanted gift card, you can choose to gift it out or sell it. I personally recommend selling it so you can enjoy the gift card value. The best platform in Nigeria to sell your gift cards for a good rate is Nosh.

10. Which mobile app can I use to sell my gift card?

Many traders choose to trade their gift cards on mobile apps compared to websites. The most reliable mobile trading app in Nigeria currently is the Nosh app. It’s available for both Android and iOS users.

How to Sell Gift Cards on Nosh?

  1. Go to nosh.ng on any preferred browser or simply download the app on Playstore or Appstore.
  2. Sign up for a new account as a new user. Login with your correct details as a returning user.
  3. Choose the gift card brand name by swiping or from the drop-down list.
  4. Choose the subcategory of the gift card.
  5. Punch in the value of your gift card.
  6. Select the currency you want to be paid. You will see the monetary value you will be getting in return.
  7. Upload the gift card picture or enter the code.
  8. Tap on “Sell”


Purchasing the right gift card, where to buy them, and trading it on the right platform can be strenuous if you don’t have access to the right platform.

With Nosh, you got nothing to worry about. Get to buy and sell your gift card from the comfort of your home with no security fear.

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