Does Turkey Have Gift Cards? Top 5 Turkish Gift Cards

Are you currently in Turkey and on the lookout for gift cards to use? I’ve got you. In this article, you will find out if Turkey has gift cards and also the top 5 Turkish gift cards. Whether you are looking to shop for home items, beauty products, or digital content like music, there is a gift card for you. First, does Turkey have gift cards? Let’s get started.

Are There Gift Cards In Turkey?

Yes, you can get many kinds of gift cards in Turkey. If you are currently in Turkey or you just want to send a gift card to your friend in Turkey, there are diverse options for you to pick from. You can buy and use any gift card as long as it’s supported by the Turkey gift card market.

Where To Buy Gift Cards In Turkey

It’s essential you have the right information when it comes to purchasing gift cards anywhere. This will save you from falling into the wrong hands and end up being scammed. There are basically two ways I will recommend you follow to buy gift cards in Turkey.

These are the physical stores and online stores. Physical stores like Boyner and Migros’ Sanal market have gift cards you can buy. The stores you can buy gift cards from don’t necessarily have to be based only on gift cards. They can be supermarkets or any other place you can get groceries.

The alternative option is online retailers. This option is preferable if you are not a fan of going out. You can just place an order from the comfort of your home, which will be delivered to your email. If you are sending it as a gift, it will be delivered to your recipient’s email address.

Young woman holding a blank card in her hand

Top 5 Best Gift Cards In Turkey

1. Apple iTunes Gift Card TR

App Store & iTunes gift card is among the most-cherished gift cards in Turkey. Any Apple product or gift card is always one of the many ways to make me happy anyways. If you are like this, then this gift card is something you need to consider.

There are many ways you can enjoy App Store & iTunes gift cards. You can use it to buy games, movies, music, or applications in the store. It also works for all these subscriptions; Apple Book, Apple TV, and Apple Music. And they are actually easy to buy. iTunes store is the number one place you can make your purchase seamlessly.

Other retailers, too, include Walmart and Target. It’s important you know that Apple iTunes Gift Card TR can only be redeemed in the country. So, it’s basically region restricted. Once purchased, you can not return it or refund it when the current balance is used. With the right gift card trading platform, you can sell iTunes gift cards for a good monetary value.

2. Amazon Gift Card TR

I always tell my friends that Amazon gift card is everywhere you go. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the best gift cards in Turkey. I mean, you can literally buy any item or product on Amazon. The brand is actually one of the largest e-commerce in the world.

With an Amazon gift card, you can choose to buy books, beauty products, gadgets, or toys for your cousins. It’s not a mistake to buy or gift someone an Amazon gift card. Do you have a friend that loves shopping? Then, you know what you can get them on their birthday. You can also sell Amazon gift cards for cash.

3. Google Play Gift Card TR

Are you a fan of digital entertainment? If yes, a Google Play gift card is your best choice. It’s a simple gateway to movies, music, app, books, and magazines. To effectively use a Google Play gift card in Turkey, you need a Google account with an IP address of the region.

This is because you can only redeem your Google Play gift card for the content available in the region. Get one for a friend or family, and they will be grateful. Not to forget, the gift card also has a good rate. This means you can sell your Google Play gift card for some cash.

4. IKEA Gift Card TR

Are you looking for a gift card to access the world of home furniture? IKEA gift card is your go-to anytime, any day. You can purchase physical or digital IKEA gift cards via the company’s website. The brand has a whole to offer you, from home decor to kitchen items.

Guess what? It doesn’t expire on some gift cards. So, you have the liberty to redeem it anytime you wish to. It’s also a perfect gift for celebrating a housewarming or special event like Thanksgiving.

5. Steam Gift Card TR

Say Steam gift card to any gamer and watch them grin. In some cases, you need to buy gift cards but are not interested in using a credit card. This is where the Steam gift card saves the day. The gift card is your free entry to a vast library of video games. Not just games, you can also trade in-game currency on the Steam platform. This is a way to get money or earn free games. You can also sell Steam gift cards on a good trading platform.

Black and gold colored gift cards 

Different Ways To Use Gift Cards In Turkey

Gift cards are amazing to have and can serve many uses to you either as an individual or business owner. Let’s check some of them out.

1. To Redeem Items

I hope you are aware that the main purpose of gift cards is to make purchases easy for customers. This means you can use the brand’s gift card instead of using your credit cards to buy games on iTunes or Steam. The personal use of gift cards is not limited to just redeeming items, by the way. You can also decide to sell your gift cards for cash.

2. Business Promotion

Business owners leverage gift cards for different uses. One of them is rewarding staff with gift cards. As a business owner, you can compensate your workers with gift cards at the end of the month. It could be a general strategy you employ as a stipend for staff of the month or basically for every staff on special occasions.

3. Brand Awareness

Using gift cards to create brand awareness is one of the wisest marketing strategies you can explore. You will need to focus on your customers here. Look out for loyal customers that come back frequently to buy from you. You can compensate such individuals with gift cards.

You can also run social media giveaways where you pick random winners and give them gift cards. Trust me, this is a great way to put your business in the face of people. We like free things, and we can do anything to get it. It’s an excellent method to appreciate your current customers and also attract new ones.


Above are the 5 top Turkish gift cards you can buy. Each of them has its uniqueness and use. Whichever one you choose to go with, you can be sure of enjoying the best value of your card. These gift cards are easy to purchase with the right platform. Buy gift cards on NOSH with ease.



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