There have been cases of Steam gift card scams reported on the internet. I was a victim 7 months ago. Are you worried about the various Steam gift card scams and looking for ways to avoid them? This article will address the 5 types of steam gift card scams and how to avoid them.

I wanted to play a new game so I decided to search the internet. I came across a particular Steam gift card giveaway ad online. The ad stated I can win free points which I can later use to redeem games on the Steam store. The ad actually looked so real, so why not give it a try, I said to myself.

You know how all these survey things work where you need to complete a task before you can win. So, I was instructed to input my email address and complete a survey. I did it and I got a congratulatory notification that I won a $100 steam gift card.

I head to the Steam platform to redeem the gift card, and all I got was an invalid steam code error. It was at the point it dawned on me my private are at risk because I actually submitted my email address and also drop some private details while answering the survey.

Asides from this type of scam, there are several types of steam gift card scams out there that you need to be cautious of. Let’s find out!

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Why Are Steam Card Scams On The Rise?

Steam gift card scams commonly take place among young adults. A good number of youths especially guys love playing games. People in this age bracket also love “free” things. Steam gift cards are mostly purchased via the internet which gives scammers more chances. Most victims of Steam gift card scams experienced it online. 

How Do Steam Gift Card Scams Work

Most gift card scams come from online rippers disguising to be well-known brands. A related example is all those so-called MTN quizzes that do pop up once it’s 12am. I was a victim of that about 5 years ago. My airtime got wiped, called customer care and they said they aren’t in charge of such online quizzes.

Steam gift card scams can be in form of sms, call, or email stating that there is an issue with your account. Those scammers may pressure you to purchase a Steam gift card and share the activation code or PIN with them. If such a scam went through, the scammer can sell the Steam gift card online or purchase items with it. Well, that’s just a fraction of the Steam gift card scam. Let’s look at the different types of Steam gift card scams.

Types Of Steam Gift Card Scams

Here are the different types of Steam gift card scams:

  1. Steam Phishing Emails
  2. Steam Gift Card Exchange Scams
  3. Steam Wallet Gift Card Payment Scams
  4. Phony PayPal Account Invoices
  5. Steam Gift Card Purchase Scam

1. Steam Phishing Emails

Email phishing is one of the common ways gift card traders get scammed. The way this works is that most of these scammers impersonate reputable brands or the steam brand itself. They send an email like it came from Steam. The email might state that there is something wrong with your Steam account. Another trick is offering you promos and discounts and including a link to claim them. Once you click on that link, izz gone. Your credit card details will be exposed for the scammer’s use.

2. Steam Gift Card Exchange Scams

Steam gift card exchange works in diverse ways. The most common way is for scammers to disguise themselves as trading platforms. Once you attempt to exchange your Steam gift card with them, your card information will be stolen. Another way is scammers promising to pay with a Steam wallet code to complete a trade. They will end up sending fake codes.

3. Steam Wallet Gift Card Payment Scams

In the process of making purchases online, be cautious of merchants that request Steam gift cards as means of payment. This type of scam often happens when trying to buy something online, let’s car. It’s suspicious for a seller to request payment in gift cards. Once a victim makes the payment, there won’t be any way to contact them or get the so-called “car.”

4. Phony PayPal Account Invoices

Generally, Paypal is used as a means to make online payments. Scammers exploit this payment means to scam people. You may receive an invoice claiming you own a certain amount of money and are instructed to pay with a Steam gift card. If you are not sure of such a claim, avoid making payments. Another trick is convincing victims to share Steam codes. Then, they promise such a person that they will reimburse via their Paypal account.

5. Steam Gift Card Purchase Scam

People also fall victim to steam gift scams while trying to purchase Steam gift cards. There are websites that position themselves to look real and offer gift cards for sale. Such websites can easily lure people with ridiculous prices. A $100 Steam gift card may be put up for $45. Once you make payment, a fake Steam gift card will be sent to you. You won’t be able to use the gift card or find a way to lodge a complaint. My constant recommendation to gift card traders is to make sure they buy and sell gift cards with a platform that has a physical office.

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How To Avoid Steam Gift Card Scams

It doesn’t end at just being able to identify steam gift card scams, you also need to learn how to avoid being a victim. Steam as a brand is doing its best to curb steam gift card scams, however, you need to stay alert. The following tips will help you avoid Steam gift card scams:

1. Stick to a particular reputable platform to purchase your steam gift cards. Instead of trying different places to buy from, it’s safer to a platform you feel secure with.

2. Avoid clicking on suspicious links. Before clicking on any link, it’s important you verify it’s from a true brand. Losing your personal information via a phishing link put you at a very big risk.

3. Avoid sharing your Steam wallet codes with anyone. Trust yourself alone. If you do not intend to give out a Steam code as a gift, avoid sharing it. If there is a request of sharing your code with anyone, be aware you are likely to be scammed.

4. Enable 2FA for your steam account. This will alert you in any case someone is trying to access your account without your permission.

5. Keep your Steam gift card receipts. This will come in handy in case you fall victim to a Steam gift card scam. Your receipt will serve as evidence to lodge a complaint to the Steam support team.


Steam gift card scams are real which calls for action to stay safe. We’ve addressed the 5 types of steam gift card scams and how to avoid them. Follow all the tips covered in this article to avoid them. Most gift card traders also fall, victim, when selling their gift cards. The best platform to sell your gift cards is Nosh. Sell your Steam gift card with the most reputable and secure platform in Nigeria. Trading with Nosh is one of the surest ways to avoid Steam gift card scams. Stay vigilant!