Where To Sell Gift Cards in Lagos

Why do Nigerians, especially those in Lagos, buy gift cards from brands in the United States and other countries when they can’t use them? This is an interesting question that makes sense to ask, and the answer is pretty straightforward. 

But before I get to that, let me explain what gift cards are. Gift cards are prepaid cards with a specific amount of money, issued by brands. They serve as an alternative means of payment you can use to pay for goods or services at that particular brand.

Now, the buzz around gift cards in Lagos isn’t about using them at the brands that issue them. It’s more about trading them to make a profit. When you buy gift cards to sell them later at a higher rate for profit, that’s gift card trading.

If you have unused gift cards and you’re wondering where to sell them in Lagos, you’re in the right place. This article explores the best places to sell gift cards in Lagos, factors to consider when choosing where to sell, and some handy tips for making the most of your gift card sale.

5 Best Platforms for Selling Gift Cards in Lagos

There are various platforms through which you can sell your gift cards. The good thing about these platforms is that even if you change locations and move from Lagos, you will still be able to sell your gift cards on them.  

Like I said there are many platforms, but I have carefully selected 5 that will be your best bet. Below are the five best platforms for selling gift cards in Lagos:

  1. Nosh
  2. Gift Card Granny
  3. Suregifts
  4. Paxful
  5. Facebook Marketplace

1. Nosh

Sell Gift Cards in Lagos on Nosh

Nosh is a safe gift card trading platform where you can buy gift cards and sell them easily. It is a Nigerian brand, so you can easily sell your gift cards there if you’re in Lagos. It doesn’t matter what type of gift card you want to buy or the country it belongs to, you can always get it on Nosh. 

On the other hand, if what you need to do is sell unwanted or unused gift cards, you can sell them for cash anytime. When you sell gift cards on Nosh, you can rest assured that the transaction will be swift and you will be paid instantly. No excuses, no delays. 

When you choose to sell your gift cards on Nosh, you get access to the best rates. You can also check your gift card rate with the rate calculator in real-time before selling. The 24/7 customer support shows how reliable Nosh is and guarantees that all issues will be resolved promptly. 

2. Gift Card Granny

Sell Gift Card on Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is another popular online gift card exchange platform. Although it is based in the United States, it also accommodates users based in Nigeria, including Lagos. 

It serves as a legitimate platform for those looking to sell or trade their digital assets. While Gift Card Granny supports bulk selling, users may encounter difficulties in reaching the customer support team, especially for those based in Nigeria.

3. Suregifts


Sell Gift Cards on Suregifts

Suregifts is a Nigerian gift card exchange platform that provides a secure avenue for trading gift cards. It allows users to sell popular Nigerian gift cards, such as Spar and ShopRite gift cards.  

However, it’s worth noting that Suregifts faces limitations as they offer relatively lower prices when you sell your gift cards.  Also, they mainly deal with local gift cards, so there might be fewer choices for you as a gift card trader in Lagos. 

4. Paxful

Sell Gift Cards in Lagos on Paxful

Paxful stands out as one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in Nigeria. They operate on a peer-to-peer model where users can trade or sell their gift cards. 

Since there’s a considerable number of active users, finding a buyer for your gift card on Paxful is usually not a challenging task. However, it’s important to note that the platform’s peer-to-peer nature introduces some security concerns. You have to be sure the person you’re dealing with is genuine. 

5. Facebook Marketplace 

Sell Gift Cards on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an extension of Facebook, the popular social media platform. It offers a space for users to buy and sell various items, including gift cards. With the Facebook marketplace, buyers and sellers from different parts of the world are connected. 

While the pricing is flexible, allowing for negotiation, you should understand that sellers interact with individual buyers, not directly with Facebook. This setup allows a potential risk of scams by buyers, and as a seller, you should exercise caution.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Gift Card Trading Platform in Lagos

When selecting a gift card platform to sell your gift cards in Lagos, there are some factors you should consider. You should consider the reputation and security of the platform, payment options and flexibility, range of gift cards, customer service and the exchange rates and fees. 

Now, let’s talk about them in detail. 

  1. Reputation & Security: Ensure that whatever gift card platform you choose has a good reputation and is well secure. Look for reviews and feedback from other users to ensure the site is trustworthy and reliable in handling transactions. Also, check their social media pages to confirm their authenticity. 
  2. Payment Options & Flexibility: Consider the payment options and flexibility offered by the gift card platform. Confirm that the platform supports payment methods that are convenient for you. Additionally, look for flexibility in terms of how you can receive your funds, whether through bank transfers, crypto, or other suitable options.
  3. Range of gift cards: It’s better to go for a gift card trading platform that supports a wide range of gift cards. A diverse selection gives you more options for selling or trading your gift cards. Choose a platform that offers a variety of cards from different brands. On Nosh, you can buy and sell various gift cards. 
  4. Customer Service: You could try contacting the customer support of the platform you want to use to evaluate the quality of their customer service. A responsive and helpful customer support team is important in case you encounter any issues or have questions about the trading process. 
  5. Exchange Rates & Fees: Check the exchange rates & fees associated with the gift card site. Understand the rates at which your gift cards will be exchanged and any additional fees involved in the process. This will help you calculate the actual value you’ll receive for your gift cards and avoid unexpected costs.

Tips for Selling or Trading Gift Cards in Lagos

This article would be incomplete without me dropping tips that would help you as a gift card trader in Lagos. When selling gift cards in Lagos, you should; research the gift card, check the expiration date, check the rate, choose a suitable platform and avoid scammers at all costs. 

  1. Research About the Gift Card: Before selling or trading a gift card in Lagos, thoroughly research the specific gift card and its current market value. Understanding the worth of your gift card ensures that you get a fair deal when engaging with potential buyers.
  2. Check the Expiration Date: Always check the expiration date of the gift card. Some cards may lose their value after a certain period. In other words, make sure the card is still valid and has not expired before attempting to sell or trade it. 
  3. Check the Rates: Be aware of the exchange rates offered by different platforms. Compare rates to maximize the value you receive for your gift card. This step ensures that you select a platform that provides competitive rates, optimizing your returns. 
  4. Choose a Suitable Platform: Select a suitable platform for selling or trading your gift card. Consider the factors already mentioned in the section above. Choosing a reliable platform enhances the overall experience and reduces the risk of encountering issues during the transaction.
  5. Try to Avoid Scammers: Exercise caution to avoid scammers when selling or trading gift cards. Stick to reputable platforms and be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. In addition, verify the legitimacy of potential buyers or trading partners to ensure a secure transaction.


Selling your gift cards in Lagos can be a great way to make extra cash, and it can be of benefit to you in different ways. The best gift card trading platform you can use is Nosh as it offers high rates and instant payout. 

You can use Paxful to trade directly with users and Gift Card Granny for bulk selling. Also, the Facebook marketplace helps you reach a wider audience and you can use Suregifts if you want to strictly deal with Nigerian brands. 

Don’t forget to apply the tips mentioned when selling your gift cards and consider the factors highlighted before choosing a place to sell your gift cards. 



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