Get to know about the possible errors with Xbox gift cards and how to fix them. Xbox is one of the admired gift cards among gamers and was even listed as one of the top alternatives to Razer Gold gift cards.

Microsoft launched the video gaming corporation Xbox, which provides video games, brand consoles, streaming services, and other apps. Xbox is a part of the Xbox family of products. Through the years, Xbox has released many games and five key systems. Xbox gift card functions as an additional form of payment and may be used to purchase anything sold by Xbox.

You can see a specific error message when you seek to redeem your Xbox gift card for a high rate on Nosh or at the brand itself. This might happen if the brand or Nosh is experiencing technical difficulties. Even though it is doubtful, it is essential to be aware that the error is not irreversible and may be fixed in every case.

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What Are The Possibly Occurring Error Messages On My Xbox, And How Do I Fix Them?

There are several Xbox error messages you may get while trying to redeem your Xbox gift card. They are not activated, the Xbox code is not found, the code has expired, and Try again later error.

1. Not Activated: If the error notice that appears says “Not Activated,” it indicates that your gift card is not functioning as it should. When you first get a refrigerator, you must flip a switch before it can cool the food. The comparison holds for gift cards as well. Activation, however, would take place on the seller’s part. You should return your digital asset to the retailer from whence you purchased it and ask for this.

2. Code Not Found: This error occurs when you enter the wrong code. Verify the code on your Xbox gift card and re-enter it. If you confirm that it is correct, contact Xbox support. However, kindly note that the following numbers and letters can’t be part of your code; A, E, I, L, O, S, U, 0, 1, and 5.

3. Expired Code: There are possibilities that your Xbox gift card has expired. Confirm by checking the package for the expiry date. If you are convinced the expiry date has not passed yet, reach out to the Xbox support team for a replacement code.

4. Try Again Later: Network services may be a challenge sometimes. Wait for a few minutes and give it another try. You can also check Xbox live status.

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Since you now know how to fix this mistake, you won’t have to worry about it when you try to redeem the Xbox gift card you have. Avoid the above possible errors by exchanging your Xbox gift card with the best gift card trading platform in Nigeria. Sell your Xbox gift card with Nosh and save yourself the stress.