Top 5 Egypt Gift Cards To Give Loved Ones

Do you have a loved one in Egypt you’d like to gift? If you don’t know what to give them, I’m here to help. Gift cards make convenient gifting options especially when you don’t know what to give. In this piece, I’ll talk about the best 5 Egypt gift cards you can give loved ones. 

Gift-giving is an art that is valued in many countries. It is a way of showing affection, appreciation and support to others. In Egypt, the people were known to give jewellery, papyrus scrolls, alabaster, spices, etc, as gifts. Now, with the existence of gift cards, that’s another item added to the list. 

Whatever the occasion is, this article explores the top 5 gift cards in Egypt that anyone there will appreciate. It also provides answers to some commonly asked questions about Egyptian gift cards. Let’s get started.

5 Popular Gift Cards in Egypt

The versatility of gift cards has made them popular all over the world and Egypt is no exception. Gift cards are given during birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and even religious celebrations like Christmas and Eid-el-Kabir. Some people prefer them to conventional gifts because they can easily be converted to cash. 

Below are 5 popular types of gift cards in Egypt you can give your dear ones:

  1. Apple gift card
  2. Google Play gift card
  3. Carrefour gift card
  4. Parfois gift card
  5. Xbox gift card 

1. Apple Gift Card

Egypt gift cards

An Apple gift card is a great choice for anyone in Egypt who loves Apple products. You can use it to buy apps, games, music, movies, and more from the App Store, iTunes Store, and Apple Books. You can also use it to purchase Apple gadgets and accessories like iPhones, iPads, AirPods, etc. 

Giving an Apple gift card shows you care about the recipient’s interests and hobbies. They can explore and download a wide range of apps or enjoy their favourite music and movies. With so many options available, they will definitely find something they love.

2. Google Play Gift Card

Another top gift card in Egypt is the Google Play gift card. This gift card is ideal for those who use Android devices. You can redeem it to buy apps, games, movies, music, and books from the Google Play Store. It also works for in-app purchases and subscriptions, making it versatile and practical.

When you give a Google Play gift card, you give the gift of entertainment and convenience. The recipient can explore new apps, enjoy their favourite games, or stream the latest movies. 

3. Carrefour Gift Card

Carrefour Gift Card in Egypt

A Carrefour gift card is a wonderful present for anyone who enjoys shopping. You can use it to buy groceries, electronics, clothing, and more at Carrefour stores. It is perfect for families, friends, or anyone who loves great deals and quality products.

Carrefour gift cards offer the recipient the gift of choice and flexibility. The recipient can shop for their daily needs or treat themselves to something special. It’s a practical and thoughtful gift that is sure to be appreciated.

4. Parfois Gift Card

A Parfois gift card is an excellent gift for fashion enthusiasts. Parfois is known for its stylish accessories, handbags, jewellery, and clothing. With this gift card, the recipient can update their wardrobe with trendy and fashionable items.

Giving a Parfois gift card shows the recipient you care about their personal taste and fashion sense. With this gift card, the recipient can choose from a wide range of beautiful accessories and stylish clothing. 

5. Xbox Gift Card

Best Gift Cards in Egypt

Last on the list of top Egypt gift cards is the Xbox gift card. With this card, the holder can buy games, add-ons, and subscriptions from the Xbox Store. They can also use it to purchase Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass, which offers access to a huge library of games.

Using an Xbox gift card is straightforward. The recipient just needs to enter the gift card details on their Xbox account. This adds the card’s value to their balance, which they can use whenever and however they want. This makes the gift card a fantastic choice for any gamer. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Egypt Gift Cards

1. Which gift card is available in Egypt?

In Egypt, you can find many popular gift cards. Some of the available options include Apple gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Carrefour gift cards, Parfois gift cards, and Xbox gift cards. These gift cards cater to various interests such as technology, shopping, fashion, and gaming.

2. Where can I buy gift cards in Egypt?

There are different locations in Egypt where you can buy gift cards. Major supermarkets, such as Carrefour, sell gift cards. You can also find them at electronics stores, mobile phone shops, and online platforms like Amazon. 

3. How can I buy Egypt gift cards with Naira?

You can buy Egypt gift cards with Naira using Nosh. Nosh is a platform that allows you to purchase various gift cards with currencies like Naira and Cedis. Simply sign up on Nosh, select the Egypt gift card you want to buy, and complete the transaction using Naira.

4. How can I convert Egypt gift cards to Naira?

You can make money from your Egypt gift card by selling it. Nosh provides a service that lets you trade your gift cards for cash. All you have to do is log in to your Nosh app, choose the option to sell gift cards, enter your gift card details and confirm the transaction. Your wallet will be credited immediately. 


Gift cards are a modern and versatile way to show love and appreciation to your dear ones in Egypt. Whether they are tech enthusiasts, gamers, fashion lovers, or just enjoy shopping, there is a gift card to suit their preferences.

By choosing a gift card, you give the recipient the freedom to pick what they truly want or need, making your gift both thoughtful and practical. So, next time you’re unsure what to give, consider buying a gift card on Nosh to bring a smile to their face.




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