You Might Encounter These Errors When Redeeming an eBay Gift Card (Fixed)

Users can occasionally see some error messages while using the eBay gift card for a variety of reasons. Some of these error messages are invalid card, wrong balance, and the card has already been used. Understanding the various eBay gift card errors and how to correct them is crucial. In this article, I will share with you different eBay gift card errors and possible ways to fix them.

eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world that sells electronics, fashion items, cars and so much more. It was established in 1995 and attracts millions of customers and vendors from all over the world. eBay is a platform for individuals and businesses to buy and sell products and services.

An eBay gift card can be used to buy things on eBay. You can buy a United States eBay gift card on NOSH, and they are available from a number of merchants as well as directly on eBay. They function as an alternative payment method just like a standard gift card, however, they can only be used on the eBay website.

eBay gift card

Top 6 eBay Gift Card Error Messages

Depending on the kind of issue the system has found, you could get an error message while attempting to use an eBay gift card. Below are some common error messages:

1. Gift Card Not Activated: You cannot make purchases on eBay using a gift card that has not been activated. You must either contact the merchant from whom you purchased the gift card or follow the instructions on the card to activate it.

2. Invalid Card: This kind of error happens when the gift card was bought from a shady source, and could render the card invalid. This can also happen if the card has expired or if eBay have received a report of a stolen card.

3. Invalid Gift Card Number: If you see an error notice saying that your gift card number is invalid, make sure you have typed the correct one. It is possible that you typed the number incorrectly. Contact the merchant from whom you bought the gift card if the issue persists.

4. Gift Cards Have Expiration Dates: If you attempt to use a gift card that has passed its expiration date, it will not function.

5. Zero Balance or Insufficient Balance: If the balance on your gift card has been used up or you want to purchase more than the amount in your gift card, it will not operate. If it has a zero balance, it will not work.

6. Technical Problems: You can have an error message due to the type of browser you are using. Try using a different browser or device to complete your purchase if you are encountering technical problems with your gift card, such as error warnings. You could also try deleting the cookies and cache from your browser.

Possible Solutions To Fix eBay Gift Card Errors

Any mistake can be remedied with a specific method, so there is no need to panic. Below are some possible solutions to help resolve the eBay gift card error messages:

1. Check your Gift Card Balance: You have used up all the credit on your gift card if you see the “Zero Balance” error notice. Use the online Gift Card Balance Checker to check the balance of your eBay gift card to be sure. Therefore, checking your eBay gift card balance and usage history to be sure if there is balance left is one of the important ways to fix the error.

eBay gift card balance

2. Check the Card Expiration Date: It is also crucial to look up the gift card’s expiration date. The “invalid card error” will always appear when an eBay card has expired. Use your gift card before it expires by checking the date on the card.

3. Contact Customer Support: For help with any problem, get in touch with eBay support. The support staff is in the best place to guide you through the required actions. Your best ally when dealing with error messages is eBay customer support.


It is important to note that you should avoid getting eBay gift cards from dubious sources. You can buy your eBay gift cards on a few legitimate online gift card platforms like NOSH in addition to the eBay platform. One of the best brands of gift card anyone should own is eBay. Just purchasing an eBay gift card will put a smile on your loved ones’ faces because it saves you stress when it comes to picking out a gift for them and also it gives them access to purchase anything on the eBay marketplace. However, you can sell ebay gift card for cash (naira or cedis) on the NOSH app when you no longer need it. Users of eBay gift cards frequently see the problem messages. These problems have been discussed, along with possible solutions, in this article.



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