Nordstrom offers their gift cards in various designs so it’s important to be able to distinguish them. Nordstrom gift cards can be used to buy any clothing items listed at the brand’s store. You need to know that there are other uses Nordstrom gift cards can offer you. Like how you can exchange it for cash, gift friends, and use it as a budget system.

Without further ado, keep reading to find out about the different pictures of Nordstrom gift cards and how to identify them.

Nordstrom Gift Card

Types Of Nordstrom Gift Cards

Note that the Nordstrom gift card exists in two types mainly.

1. Physical Nordstrom Gift Card

This is one of the types of Nordstrom you can buy. It’s the first type of Nordstrom gift card that was issued and is branded with the Nordstrom brand logo. If you are leaving nearby any Nordstrom store, you can easily get the physical type. It’s like a card in plastic or paper form. You can buy a physical Nordstrom gift card within the range of $25 and $500. Customization options are also available when you want to make a purchase.

Nordstrom Gift Card

2. Digital Nordstrom Gift Card

This is always the best option for me because of the convenience it offers with purchase. It’s the newest type of gift card issued by Nordstrom. It’s in the form of an E-code sent to your email address after purchase. This cannot be purchased at the physical stores and it can only be delivered electronically. If you are buying it as a gift, you can request a personalized design. The same denomination for the physical type applies to this. Both types do not expire, so you’ve got the ball in your court. You can redeem the gift card anytime you are ready.

Digital Nordstrom Gift Card

How To Identify Different Pictures Of Nordstrom Gift Cards

1. The Brand’s Logo

To be honest with you, Nordstrom cards come in diverse versions. You can see one with just a bunch of N written all over it. Many, if not all, have the brand name written in full on it. The basic logic is to look out for the brand name on the gift card.


2. Text

Both physical and digital Nordstrom gift cards come with different fonts. In fact, you can decide the kind of text you want if you want to make a purchase as a gift. The text on the gift card can be in horizontal or vertical form.

Nordstrom Gift Card


As a fashion enthusiast, a Nordstrom gift card is your perfect key to a world of amazing clothing. Now you should be able to figure out the different pictures of Nordstrom gift cards.  Asides redeeming them for items, you can also exchange Nordstrom gift cards for cash. Nosh is your best bet when you want to sell gift cards.