Different Pictures Of AMEX Gift Card And How To Identify Them

Imagine you are given a gift card by a friend or loved one. Now, you are wondering what kind of gift card it is or what it can be used for. That isn’t cool if you will agree with me. I’ve got such a scenario covered for you anyways. We will be focusing on Amex gift cards here. In this article, I’m going to teach you different pictures of Amex gift cards and how you can identify them.

Amex gift card is one of the most popular gift cards in the United States and Nigeria. The buzz around the gift card can be attributed to the fact that it is widely accepted. Trust me, you can never go wrong with an Amex gift card. Keep reading to find out more about American Express gift cards.

Types of American Express gift cards

Types Of AMEX Gift Cards

There are 3 major types of Amex gift cards which are personal, promotional, and standard Amex cards.

1. Personal Gift Cards

This type of Amex gift card is for individual purchases mainly for gifting purposes. You can get a personalized Amex gift card to communicate your love or how much a friend means to you. You have the liberty to choose your design, photos, and the amount you want on the card. Also, any personalized message to the receiver. Something like “Happy birthday, love or Yay, it’s your graduation beanie.” The amount you can load on this type of gift card ranges between $25 to $3000.

2. Promotional Gift Cards

These are not meant for public purchase. It’s issued by Amex gift card for use during special events. It’s basically one of the strategies employed by the company to promote the brand. They are given as rewards to customers to increase their reach.

3. Standard Gift Cards

This is the common Amex gift card issued by the company for sale. You can buy the physical or virtual form based on your choice. The amount this type of gift card is available in ranges between $5 to $500.

American Express Gift Cards

Features Of AMEX Gift Card

1. Widely Accepted

Only if a person can be an American Express gift card. There will be this confidence that you are loved by many and that people rarely reject you. Retail stores, supermarkets, filling stations, and merchants across the world accepts Amex gift card. It’s a pretty easy way to make payments for purchases. With an Amex gift card, you are not restricted to just a certain store.

2. Funds Do Not Expire

You got nothing to worry about your funds not being accessible. You have the leisure to use your gift card for purchases anytime that works for you. Yes, it has a valid-thru date. This only means you can’t use your gift card after that date. You only need to contact Amex support and you will be given a replacement card with your remaining balance. No fee is required to get this done.

3. No Usage Fees

There is nothing like a service or maintenance fee on your gift card. Also, you won’t be charged any fee for using your gift card. So, you can use it as often as you want without worrying about charges.

4. Safety-Enhanced

In cases where you misplace your gift card or it was stolen, you are covered. Another card will be issued to you. However, you need to understand that there is a Cardholder agreement you need to be aware of. I recommend you read the one that concerns your type of Amex gift card.

How To Identify Different Pictures of AMEX Gift Cards

To be honest with you, it’s quite easy to identify an Amex gift card when you see one. There are things you should look out for. Check them out:

1. The Brand’s Logo

This is the first feature that makes an Amex gift card unique compared to other cards. The brand’s name “American Express” is written in a square shape filled with blue color. It’s generally located at the left-hand side lower section of the card.

2. Ribbon Image

The image on a certain American Express gift card differs. You can even decide what you want if you are purchased a customized Amex gift card. However, there is an image common on all Amex gift cards. All of them have a ribbon image on it. Some of them have a gift bot tied with a ribbon while some just has the ribbon on the front of the card.

3. Card Details

There are certain card details common with all Amex gift cards. One is the gift card number which is generally 15 digits. Others include the 4 digits CVV code and valid-thru date to signify the card’s expiration date.

American Express gift card

How To Activate Amex Gift Cards

Actually, the normal scenario here is that your Amex gift card should be activated right from purchase. Well, I can’t dispute rare cases you may find out your card is not activated. I will show you two ways you can get that done swiftly.

The first way is to check the back of your gift card for a number (1-888-846-4308). You will get access to Amex customer support. Details you need to provide include gift card number, security code (PIN), and valid-thru date.

You can explore the second method via a couple of steps I will list below.

  1. Go to the American Express website.

  2. Create an account or sign in if you have one already.

  3. Scroll to the “Card” section and select “Activate”

  4. Fill in your details like the gift card number, security code, and valid-thru date.

How To Redeem Amex Gift Cards

You can redeem your Amex gift card in-store or for online purchases. First is to be sure that you have enough balance for the items you intend to purchase. Although you can use another payment method to cover the expenses in case the current balance won’t be enough.

Once you are done shopping, proceed to the cashier and hand over your Amex gift card. Just with credit cards, your gift card will be swiped with the card reader. The total amount of your purchased items will be deducted from the balance.

For online purchases, pick your items and proceed to checkout. Manually enter your card information and your shipping address. That’s it.

How To Check Amex Gift Card Balance

The step-by-step guide below can be used to check your Amex gift card balance.

Check American Express gift card balance

  1. Visit the Amex gift card balance page.

  2. Input your 15-digit gift card number.

  3. Enter your card’s expiration date.

  4. Enter the 4-digit security code.

  5. You can choose to enter your email address.

  6. Click on the “Continue” button.

  7. The balance will be displayed.


Now, you know the different pictures of Amex gift cards and you should be able to identify them. The personalized Amex gift card is a great option when you want to gift a loved one. In a case where you are the receiver of an Amex gift card and not interested in using it, what can you do? You can sell Amex gift cards for cash.
With the best gift card trading platform like Nosh, you can be sure of the best rate.



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