Different Pictures Of Amazon Gift Cards & Receipt And How To Identify Them

I’m a big fan of Amazon. Are you as well? You can literally get any item you want at the store. The online store also makes it easier to access available products from the comfort of your home. The availability of Amazon gift cards even makes payment seamless. Imagine you get an Amazon gift card from someone, you won’t need to use your credit card to make payment for any purchase you make.

I will be addressing the different pictures of Amazon gift cards and how to identify them. Let’s dive right into it.

Two $100 Amazon gift cards

Types Of Amazon Gift Cards

There are about 3 types of Amazon gift cards online. You can redeem any of them but they have different features. Let’s talk about them:

1. Physical Amazon Gift Card

People buy the physical type more during the early invention of gift cards. It’s basically like a card you can hold. It’s possible you get one that is made of plastic or paper. Based on the amount you can afford, you can purchase any of the available denominations. There is always a certain amount of money loaded on the card before purchase. You can get one in the range of $5 to $500.

2. Virtual Amazon Gift Card

In today’s world, everyone prefers this type. I mean, no one likes stress. It’s always in the form of a set of codes sent directly to your email address. You can’t feel it in your hand like the above. If you also prefer online shopping, then this is your best choice.

3. Customized Amazon Gift Card

This is your perfect choice when it comes to gifting a loved one an Amazon gift card. With the customizable Amazon gift card, you will be able to request the kind of design you want. You can also include a personalized note to the recipient. There is a chance to demand the exact amount you want to be loaded on it.

Types Of Amazon Gift Card Receipts

1. Amazon (Cash Receipt)

This type of Amazon card receipt already explains what it means via the name. It’s basically the receipt you get after you purchase an Amazon gift card with cash. The details contained in the receipt will include your name, the price, and the date of purchase.

Amazon Cash Receipt

2. Amazon (Debit/Credit Receipt)

You will be given this receipt only when you buy an Amazon gift card with a credit/debit card. Note that you can also exchange both Amazon Cash Receipts and Debit/Credit Receipts for cash on NOSH.

Amazon (Credit Receipt)

How To Identify Different Types Of Amazon Gift Cards And Receipts

For the physical Amazon gift card, check for the Amazon logo first. Then, confirm if the gift card number has 16 digits. The activation code is expected to be covered with a seal.

The digital Amazon will obviously be sent to your email address. However, ensure to verify the brand’s logo too. Both the physical and virtual Amazon cards carry the company’s logo. Confirm the card number and activation code as well.

The easiest way to identify a customizable Amazon gift card is to check if there are customization options available. If you can change text, design, art, and all sorts, you have the right card.

The Amazon Cash receipt and Debit/credit Receipt are always in the form of a paper receipt. They should have the gift card number and activation code. Be aware that you can also get the virtual of these receipts.

How To Redeem Amazon Gift Cards

There are different ways you can redeem your Amazon gift cards and you will be happy you did. Just as you can buy Amazon gift cards in-store or online, you can also redeem them the same way.

Amazon has a wide range of items you can buy from. Take your Amazon gift card to the cashier and the total amount of your purchase will deducted from the card. However, note that your physical Amazon card doesn’t work like an ATM so you cant use it to withdraw money.

To use online, you can use your virtual Amazon gift card to shop on the Amazon website. After a successful purchase, you will provide your gift card details in the payment method section. Note that you can only use this gift card at Amazon stores.

Another great way to redeem your Amazon gift card in Nigeria is to convert it to naira. You can sell your Amazon gift card for a good rate on Nosh.

How To Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

I will always advise all gift card traders to check your gift card’s balance before proceeding with a purchase. It will help you plan ahead and avoid any heartbreak.

  1. Visit the Amazon website.

  2. Sign in with your email address and password. Create an account if you don’t have one.

  3. Scroll to the menu and tap on your username.
    Check your Amazon gift card balance

  4. Select the Gift Cards section.

    Check your Amazon gift card balance
  5. Click on View Gift Card Balance and Activity.
    Check your Amazon gift card balance


It’s necessary to understand the different pictures of Amazon gift cards and receipts and how to identify them. I believe the information provided in this article has done justice to that. Always remember to check your Amazon gift card balance before making a purchase. In cases where you are not interested in redeeming your gift card, sell your Amazon gift card for cash.



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