How To Buy Macy’s Gift Cards Online: A Simple Guide

What do fashion apparel, accessories, cosmetics, and makeup products have in common? You can find them all at Macy’s. 

Are you a fashion lover or a self-care junkie? You can easily purchase the items you need from Macy’s. The interesting part is you can pay for them easily with a Macy’s gift card. That’s why I’m on this mission to show you how to buy Macy’s gift cards online. 

Macy’s gift cards come in physical and electronic forms. The former are sold in Macy’s stores as well as other retail outlets. On the other hand, e-gift cards can be purchased on Macy’s website or other online platforms. These gift cards are available in denominations ranging from $10 to $1000.

In this blog post, I will walk you through how to buy a Macy’s gift card online easily. Fear not if you’re Nigerian, I’ll also be telling you where you can buy Macy’s gift cards with Naira. Ready to get the information you need? Let’s dive in. 

Where To Buy Macy’s Gift Cards in Nigeria

Where To Buy Macy's Gift Card in Nigeria

You can buy Macy’s gift cards in Nigeria from the Nosh platform. Nosh is a gift card trading platform where you can buy various gift card brands online. Aside from having access to a wide range of gift cards available on Nosh, you can also sell unwanted gift cards for instant cash. 

Buying gift cards directly from Macy’s website with a Naira card is practically impossible. However, with Macy’s gift cards purchased from Nosh with Naira, you can clear your Macy’s cart with ease. Nosh is always there to come to your rescue whenever you want to shop globally. 

How To Buy Macy’s Gift Cards Online

How To Buy Macy’s Gift Cards Online

Buying gift cards on Nosh is very simple and straightforward. Start by downloading the Nosh app if you don’t have it already, then sign up and verify your email. Afterwards, follow the steps below to buy Macy’s gift cards online:

  1. Log in to your Nosh app. 
  2. Select Buy/Sell Gift Cards on the homepage, and then choose the option to Buy Gift Cards
  3. Choose the country of the gift card you want to buy i.e. United States. 
  4. Then select the gift card brand i.e. Macy’s. 
  5. Next, select the amount and quantity of gift cards you want to buy. 
  6. Confirm the details of the purchase summary and finally, proceed to pay for the gift card(s). 

Once the transaction is complete, you will get your gift card code on the app. If you want to send the gift card to another person, all you have to do is copy the e-gift code and send it. As you can see, purchasing Macy’s gift cards online is a breeze when you do it on Nosh. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Macy’s Gift Cards Online

1. Can I buy a Macy’s gift card with Naira?

Yes, you can buy a Macy’s gift card with Naira by purchasing the gift card on Nosh. With Nosh, you can buy gift cards with both Naira and Cedis, wherever you are. 

2. How can I convert a Macy’s gift card to cash?

You can get cash from your unused Macy’s gift card by trading it on the Nosh app. Nosh has the best gift card rates, ensuring you get maximum value for your gift cards. Once your gift card is sold, your Nosh wallet will be credited instantly. 

You can use our gift card rate calculator to check how much your Macy’s gift card is currently worth. 

3. Where can I redeem Macy’s gift card? 

You can redeem your Macy’s gift card at any Macy’s store. You can also use it to make purchases online via Macy’s website

4. Why is my Macy’s gift card declining?

If your Macy’s gift card gets declined while trying to use it, check the error message displayed. 

Depending on the error, check your gift card balance to confirm you have enough funds to cover your purchase. Also, check that you’re entering the correct gift card details and that your gift card is activated. 

5. How do I check my Macy’s gift card balance?

You can check the balance on your Macy’s gift card through this balance checker page. You just need to enter your gift card number and CID number. You can also call the Macy’s customer service team at 1-800-511-2752 to know your balance. 


There you have it. Now, you not only know how to buy Macy’s gift cards online, you also know the best platform to use. With a Macy’s gift card at your disposal, you can purchase whatever fashion apparel, accessories, or beauty products you want, wherever you are. 

Gift cards have made international shopping and subscription paying easy, and you can get whatever gift card you need on Nosh. It only takes a few quick easy taps. 




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