Unlock Your Music Library: Easily Buy iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria

Buying content on iTunes has been a challenge for those without credit cards or bank accounts. Luckily for music enthusiasts in Nigeria, there is now an easy solution: “iTunes gift cards.”

iTunes has revolutionized the way we buy and listen to music. With its comprehensive library of songs, movies, TV shows, and apps, iTunes is now a one stop destination for all entertainment needs.

In this article, I’ll be exploring how these iTunes gift cards work, including how they’re bought in Nigeria, along with their benefits especially geared toward Nigerian music enthusiasts.

Understanding iTunes Digital Cards

iTunes gift card

iTunes gift cards are prepaid cards that act as digital currency which you can use to purchase items at the iTunes Store as well as Apple Books and other Apple platforms.

These gift cards come in varying denominations, so you can choose the card that suits your budget and needs best —whether it be small amounts or higher values.

They can be purchased from accredited merchants (online or physical stores) using credit/debit card payments or cash transaction methods, then later redeemed using a unique code provided with these gifted cards.

How to Buy iTunes Gift Cards in Nigeria

Purchasing an Itunes gift card within Nigeria is relatively straightforward, as there are multiple methods of acquiring them:

  • Online stores

Online platforms such as Nosh and marketplaces such as Jumia, make it possible to buy gift cards from the comfort of your own home.

All you need to do is select the amount and payment method (bank transfer, Paystack etc.) that best suits you. Once purchased, you’ll receive a 16-digit code which can be used for redeeming content on iTunes Store.

  • Physical stores

If you are not comfortable using online stores or don’t have access to digital banking services, you can also purchase Apple Gift Cards from physical retail stores like PEP Stores or VConnect Market across most major cities in Nigeria.

You will need cash for these transactions as they offer more security than other payment methods from third party sites.

When buying iTunes Gift Cards through any medium, it’s important to take precautions against fraudsters and scams.

Always double check the receipt/voucher before paying; watch out for vouchers with too many digits—iTunes store only uses 16-digit codes; ensure all details match what was advertised including amount of money remained on gift cards etc.

Similarly when purchasing physical gift cards, visually verify that its official packaging has not been tampered with and if stored digitally, secure them properly with cookies, cleaner programs, or by changing settings after downloading them into your iOS device.

Benefits of Using iTunes Gift Cards in Nigeria

Lets now take a look at how using an iTunes gift card in Nigeria can benefit you:

  • Easy Access to Millions of Songs, Movies, and TV Shows

With an iTunes Gift Card, users can easily purchase digital media content directly from the iTunes Store and access it within split seconds.

Music streaming services like Spotify have made it easier for people to get their hands on popular music instantly. But purchasing full albums can still be expensive unless you unlock your library with iTunes gift cards instead.

  • Safe and Secure Way to Make Purchases

Making payments with iTunes Gift cards is a secure and safe way to ensure your purchases are protected.

Apple has rigorous safety measures in place to protect users from fraud or unwanted charges. All purchases made with an iTunes gift card require an account verification code sent through email as well as a four digit pin.

This means that fraudulent transactions can easily be foiled, as the scammers would not have access to either piece of information.

Additionally, Apple verifies each purchase with facial recognition software for added security.

If any suspicious activity is detected, Apple will send notification so that it can investigate any potential issues before money has been withdrawn from the card balance.

Moreover, when using an iTunes Card in Nigeria, you may also be entitled to additional benefits like flexible payment plans, and no expiration dates on the balance in your account. This allows users more freedom than other payment methods which often come with restrictions and expiry terms for balances held on them.

  • Convenient and Thoughtful Gift Option

If you’re looking for a practical and versatile gift option for your friends and family in Nigeria, consider giving them an iTunes gift card.

Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or any special occasion, an iTunes gift card lets the recipient choose their preferred songs, movies, or apps.

This flexibility allows them to select something that truly speaks to their interests and preferences. As a result the gift becomes more thoughtful and personalized.

Additionally by purchasing an iTunes gift card online, you can easily send it electronically from wherever you are. This eliminates any potential hassle associated with sending gifts across long distances.

  • No Need for Credit Card or Bank Account

For users in Nigeria, a huge advantage to using iTunes Gift Cards is that they do not require access to credit cards or bank accounts. All you need is the prepaid card or code.

With this form of alternative payment method, it’s simple and convenient to gain access to millions of songs, movies, and TV shows available on the iTunes Store.

Gift card safety precautions are also essential when making purchases with an iTunes Gift Card. It’s important for users to remember not give their gift card information—including its unique number and security code—out over email or text messages as vouchers can be stolen through phishing attacks and used fraudulently online without remaining balance being known by purchaser until after purchase had been made.

Fortunately Apple provides easy-to-use payment solutions such as digital payments like Apple Pay that further add flexibility and convenience, allowing iTunes gift cards purchasing from anywhere around Nigeria, be it online or in physical stores which always have them in stock.

How to Sell your iTunes Gift Cards on Nosh?

Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Visit the Nosh online platform to sign up/log in. You can also sign in through the Nosh mobile app.
  • Navigate “Buy/Sell Giftcards” > “Buy Giftcards”
  • Pick an iTunes gift card in the gift card category by swiping or from the drop-down list.
  • Proceed to the subcategory field to select your choice.
  • Type in the price of the iTunes gift card e.g 100 ($)
  • Load the iTunes gift card image or enter the E-code
  • Click on “Sell”
  • Your account will be credited once the transaction is successful.


If you’re eager to make some additional income in Nigeria, selling your iTunes gift card for cash is an ideal pathway worth considering! This sought-after gift card pays high rates that will undoubtedly benefit you financially.

With trusted marketplaces like Nosh available in Nigeria, sellers can effortlessly sell their unused iTunes gifts cards securely and quickly without unnecessary complications or safety concerns.



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