Vanilla Gift Card: Everything You Need To Know

Let’s talk about everything you need to know about Vanilla gift cards. There is a partnership between Vanilla and Visa to issue this amazing gift card. There is this distinction about Vanilla gift cards compared to others. Hopefully, you know I’m referring to the use of it to make purchases anywhere. I will explain more about this soon. A Vanilla gift card is that one gift card you can never regret having. Let’s dive to address the important things you need to know about Vanilla gift cards.

Uses Of Vanilla Gift Card

1. Use Vanilla Gift Card To Make Purchases

The sweet thing about most gift cards is that they are great means to make purchases. Vanilla gift card is not left out of this awesomeness. Guess what? I like the Vanilla gift card even better because it’s not necessarily tied to just one store like other closed-loop gift cards. Just the way you can use your credit cards at different stores, you can use Vanilla gift cards to make purchases. What you need to make sure is that the store accepts it as a payment method.

In fact, any store that accepts Visa gift cards or MasterCard as a payment method definitely accepts Vanilla gift cards. It’s most popularly used for online shopping,  you can even shop with your vanilla gift card on Amazon. However, the Vanilla gift card isn’t limited to making item purchases. You can also use it to purchase bitcoins via platforms that accept it as a payment method.

2. Use Vanilla Gift Card For Gift Giving

If I were your friend, I will really be happy to get a Vanilla gift card from you as a gift. Gifting a friend or loved one this gift card is literally giving them the chance to get whatever has been on their mind to get. As I stated earlier, it can be used to make purchases anywhere. No matter the kind of occasion, birthday, graduation, name it, a Vanilla gift card is a perfect gift.

3. Convert Vanilla Gift Card To Cash

Another amazing way to use your Vanilla gift card is to convert it to cash. With a platform like Nosh, you can convert the gift card to naira, cedis, or dollars. Got a Vanilla gift card from a friend or from your Uncle abroad? Sell your Vanilla gift card on Nosh and sort some bills.

Vanilla Website

How To Buy Vanilla Gift Cards Online

The best place to buy Vanilla gift cards is on the Vanilla website. You can get a Vanilla gift card within the range of $10 to $500. Looking for the right platform for Vanilla gift cards in Nigeria? Then, look no further. Nosh is your guy. You can buy gift cards on NOSH with ease. This means you aren’t limited to Vanilla gift cards; you can also buy any other gift card you want.

How To Activate Vanilla Gift Cards

The steps I outlined below will help you easily activate your Vanilla gift card:

  1. Visit the Vanilla website.

  2. Your Vanilla account user ID and password are required in the empty fields.

  3. Visit the Vanilla check balance page.

  4. Type in your Vanilla gift card.

  5. Click on the “Activate” button.

How To Use Vanilla Gift Card Online

It’s quite easy to use a Vanilla gift card to make purchases online. It’s similar to the way you use credit cards online. First, make sure you have enough balance to cover your purchase plus taxes. Let me quickly run you through the steps: 

  1. Pick the items and proceed to checkout.

  2. Choose “Credit or Debit” as the payment option.

  3. Input your Vanilla gift card number.

  4. Enter your name and house address in the Billing Address field.

  5. Complete the payment.

How To Check The Balance On your Vanilla Gift Cards

I absolutely recommend finding out the remaining balance on your Vanilla gift card before proceeding to make a purchase. This will save you from last-minute heartbreak. It’s not rocket science, and you can check within a few minutes. You can either check your Vanilla gift card balance on the brand’s website or simply call customer support. The general details needed for both methods are your gift card number, security code, and expiration date. To reach a customer support rep, call 1-833-322-6760 to communicate your needs.

check Vanilla gift card balance

Frequently Asked Questions About Vanilla Gift Cards

1. What’s Vanilla Gift Card Used For?

You can use Vanilla gift cards to buy different products as long as the retailer accepts them. Vanilla gift cards can be used as payment options at stores and for merchants that accept Visa cards as a payment method. It can also be used for phone transactions and bill payments.

2. Does A Vanilla Gift Card Expire?

Vanilla gift cards expire but not the fund on them. You will not be able to redeem the card 9 years after the date of purchase. But you can just call customer service at Vanilla to ask for another card. Your remaining fund will be added to the new card.

3. Why Is My Vanilla Gift Card Not Working?

The most common reasons why your Vanilla gift card is not working may be because the gift codes are fake or not yet activated. You need to also check that your billing address match.

4. Can Vanilla Gift Cards Be Used Online?

Yes, they can be used online. Just confirm that the online store accepts it. 

5. Are Vanilla Gift Cards Reloadable?

No, Vanilla gift cards are not reloadable. So, you will need to purchase another Vanilla gift card in case the fund on the former is exhausted. 


That summarizes everything you need to know about Vanilla gift cards. They can be used to make purchases at physical and online stores. You can also exchange Vanilla gift cards on NOSH.



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