How Much is $100 iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria?

iTunes gift card usage among Nigerians is a top-rated one. Its relevance is a result of the gift card’s awesome features. One of its awesome features is the flexibility that accommodates both Android and iOs users. 

Everyone loves to have control over situations or things. An expiry date dictating when to redeem a gift card is not the case when it comes to iTunes gift cards. The fact that many businesses also leverage it to boost their business.

Lastly, it’s one of the gift cards with the highest rate in Nigeria. As a Nigerian based in Nigeria, that feature resonates with me more. One of the great ways to make money in Nigeria is via gift card trade. So, you should understand why a gift card with a great rate is relevant. Most people based in Nigeria ask the question – how much is a $100 iTunes gift card?

$500  iTunes gift card

How Much is a $100 iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria

The rate of your iTunes gift card is determined by various factors. The current dollar exchange rate, the rate of demand and supply, the exact purchase price, and the gift card trading platform.

On the Nosh gift card trading app, a physical USA iTunes gift card currently goes for 410 per dollar. This means that if you trade an $100 iTunes gift card on the app now, your expected payment will be 41, 000 naira. The USA iTunes E-code is up for 300 per dollar. This means you get 30, 000 naira for a $100 iTunes E-code.

Rates of Other iTunes Gift Cards

The rates also differ depending on the subcategory of the iTunes gift card you want to trade. Let’s look at some other top iTunes gift card rates.

  1. CHF iTunes (100) – 54, 000 naira
  2. Luxembourg, Greece, Portugal iTunes (physical) (100) – 52, 000 naira
  3. Germany iTunes 100 – 38, 000 naira
  4. EURO iTunes 51-99 Other Countries – 33, 000 naira
  5. EURO iTunes Ecode – 31, 500 naira
  6. CAD iTunes 100 – 27, 000 naira

Importance of Knowing the Rate of an iTunes Gift Card

Knowing the rate of an iTunes gift card is an important course. This will help you discover the value of your iTunes gift card.  It also enables you to confirm you are getting the best value from your iTunes gift card. Another use is that it helps you stay on track with the changing prices.

$50 iTunes gift card


How to Check the Price of a $100 iTunes Gift Card Yourself

There are different rates online for a $100 iTunes gift card. This is dependent on the gift card trading platform. The best way to check the rate yourself is through the use of a gift card rate calculator. 

This gift card rate calculator will help know the price of an iTunes gift card and other gift cards on a trading platform. Any good trading platform should have this rate calculator.

Follow the steps outlined below to check on the Nosh platform:

  1. Click on the Nosh gift card rate calculator
  2. Select the category of your gift card which is iTunes gift card in this case.
  3. Select the sub-category of your iTunes gift card.
  4. Enter the price of the iTunes card
  5. The equivalent in naira will be revealed. You can also find the rate on the right.

What to do after Knowing the Value of an iTunes Gift Card

  1. Exchange it for cash
    The ideal step to take after discovering the value of your iTunes gift card is to exchange it for some cool cash. It’s a great way to get money and sort those bills.

  2. Give it out as a gift
    An iTunes gift card is also a great gift for your friend. For birthdays, housewarmings, graduation, and other ceremonies.

  3. Donate it to charity
    No matter how small, donate to a good cause. You can ask about the nearest charity homes to you and donate the gift card.

How to Convert iTunes Gift Card to Naira

  1. Visit the Nosh website using any browser of your choice.

  2. In case you don’t want to use the website. Do this – open the Google Playstore or Appstore on your device and search ‘nosh”. Click ‘install” to download the mobile app.

  3. A mail will be sent to you to verify your email address. Log in back to your account after that.

  4. Click on Sell Giftcards on the website. On the mobile app, select Buy | Sell Giftcards and then Sell Gift Cards

  5. Choose the category of the gift card you want to convert to cash. In this case, choose the iTunes gift card via the swipe option or the dropdown list.

  6. The next step is to select the subcategory of the iTunes gift card.

  7. Type in the value of the iTunes gift card you want to trade e.g 100

  8. Switch to the currency you want to be paid e.g naira.

  9. The expected rate for your gift card will be displayed immediately below.

  10. Proceed to upload the picture of the iTunes gift card.

  11. You can also input additional comments you see necessary.

  12. Finally, swipe to sell.


The easiest way to find out about the rate of your iTunes gift card is via a gift card rate calculator. Fortunately, we have this feature in real time on both the website and mobile app.

Nosh isn’t here to help you discover the value of your gift card alone, the best place to trade your gift card is here.
Get started by downloading the mobile app.

Happy Trading!



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